Thursday, July 10, 2014

June Guild

We had a wonderful guild meeting in June!  Thanks go to all who were able to make it in spite of crazy summer schedules.

We started with our sew and tells:

Margaret finished her pinwheel quilt. 

We also had two jelly roll projects brought in.
(If you know who it is, let me know :0)

Tamara made a super awesome tooth fairy pillow.

She also brought in the coolest table runner ever.  
Such cool ideas!

Tamara's figure eight quilt for her daughter's 8th birthday.

On the back, she quilted a honeycomb pattern, which was quite a hit.

Carol brought a felt nativity scene she completed.

She also brought in her scrap quilt she finished at retreat 
to show everyone.

Carol also had fun finishing a super cute bear blankie,
with corner holders sewn in.

The sunbonnet sue was another fun project she completed 
that she got from Seasons of Home.

Tricia's daughter (I believe) finished this quilt.

Tricia also brought in a quilt she inherited from her grandmother 
that her grandmother hand painted the flowers on.

A beautiful star quilt was brought in, 
but I don't know who brought it in...any clues??

Leah was really busy this month (jealous!)
 and brought in quite a few things.

The first is a tote she made from scratch.  
Can we have the pattern please??

Amber somehow got a copy of the pattern 
and made her own for sew and tell.

Leah's completed pillow.

Her finished mini quilt from our quilt retreat.
She called it her dumpster dive quilt as she made this entirely from leftover scraps at the retreat.

A stitch book from an American quilting class she is taking.

Some of the quilt blocks for the block of the month quilt she finished.

Leah has also been helping to create some of the patterns 
for our block of the month quilt.
This is for this month.  Come to to guild to get a pattern!

Leah and Amber came together to make 
a drawing of our finished quilt of year.
Can't wait to get it done!!

After sew and tell, we got a wonderful demonstration on how to make circles for our block of the month.
Thanks go to Leah and Patty for teaching our class!

As part of guild we did our spot light on Patty, as a special thanks for teaching :0)

Next month our round robins and our quilt challenge are due, so come take a peek soon to see all of the cool projects completed!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quilt Retreat!!!

Thanks to all who came to our Super Fun Retreat!
Below are just some of the many cool things that went on and the projects completed.
If you have a project that you completed that I didn't get a picture of, 
feel free to post it on our Facebook page.

Some of the cool prizes for participating :0)

A big thanks goes to Heather and friends for putting it all together!

Some of the classes taught:

Paper Piecing by Kami

We celebrated Kami's birthday at retreat.
Happy Birthday!!

Deonn Stott taught us how to make her CUTE sheep blanket.

The mini square for our block of the month

And here is one of our favorite variations, the flying sheep :0)

 Way to go Deonn!!  So creative!!

Margaret working on her quilt square.

Our youngest, and cutest :0) guild member, Gracie making one of the cute rag wire signs.

Heather's (??) quilt she was working on.  Love the the little bird!

Amber advertising our yummy dessert and showing off the cute pumpkin.

Inspired by Amber's cute new ironing board cover,
some of our members decided to play at Little Red Riding hood with the new hoodie towels being made.

Below are just a sample of the projects worked on. 
Way to go everyone!!

(We had a baby photo bomber...)

(....or two!)

Patty sitting our her nicely upholstered sewing chair.  I want one!

Fun history moment:
Mom and daughter with antique sewing machines and cases.

And, last but not least, a HUGE thanks 
to the menfolk who helped set up and take down our tables and chairs.