Friday, October 17, 2014

Trick or treat

For our October Quilt guild we had a trick or treat theme.  Carmen Geddes came and showed us how to use quilt smart foundation for our trick and we passed out treats to everyone.  You also got to dress up.  Loved all the costumes.
 Margaret finished her twist and stitch quilt that we made at our retreat.  She made the pin wheel border with the left over fabrics.  Way to go Margaret, it looks great.

 Amy made a cute purse
 Shirley made a pin wheel quilt
 Cute wall hanging.  Sorry I forgot who's this was.
 Shirley made a cute witches feet table runner for halloween.
 Robin Made a cute bag.
                                              Amber did a quilt smart falling leaf
 Amber refinished a victoria secret bag with cute flowers and embroidery stitches.  You will never know it said victoria secret on it.  Great idea.
Above: Tricia made this bag for her daughter Becca.  So cute
Below: Tricia was asked to design a quilt for Heber's 125 year celebration that we just had.  She made designed and made this quilt.  It will be hanging in the City office building, you will have to stop by and see the amazing details that she did.  Tricia is one talented lady. :)

 A Quilt for Rachel's mom.  All her sisters made blocks for their mom and Rachel put it together for her.  It is Purple and Grey's.  Rachel your mom is going to be so happy.

                         Rachel has been working on this quilt and is now done with the top.  Love it
 Carol made cute dish towels with yo yo's.  Davidene had show her at the Thursday threads (Midway) Quilt Guild.  Great job Carol.  Also the fishing hat is hers and all her own flies.  Very impressive.

Celeni's show and tell Baby Kate.  She is SOOO Cute

Carmen Geddes Came and gave us a trunk show of her Quilt Smart Quilts.  She had fabric to buy and patterns.  It was fun to see all the quilts.  you can follow her on her blog,  She also has a book coming out Ten quilts for Ten sisters.  we will have to watch for that.  
Sorry for not more pictures but my camera died.

                Lone Star Quilt.  One one her quilt smart patterns,  Carmen had this in different sizes
                                                    Mariners Star  Also one of her patterns

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Quilts, Old Quilts, All things Quilts!

This month we brought in our finished quilts.  We also had the fun opportunity to bring in some of our "first" quilts that we ever made.  
What amazing progress we have made over the years!!!

Leah started us off with her cute bloom quilt that she finished.

 Since she couldn't decide on which quilt to finish for the challenge,
 Leah did both.  Way to go Leah!

Amber brought in part of her Hobo quilt to show off.  It is the border for the quilt and is a glossary for the different parts in the quilt.
Amber also talked to us about ways to keep our fabrics from bleeding 
by using Retayn, a kind of soap you put on your quilt to wash it.

Cathy brought in the round robin she worked on.  
Such a great job!

Cathy's finished quilt.
She made it for the quilt hanger she has in her home.
What a great idea!

She also brought in an awesome round quilt she had finished.

This is Margaret's first piecing quilt.
What a cool thing to see!  Thanks for sharing!

 Margaret also brought in a pinwheel quilt that she learned on.
She learned that there is a certain direction to sew your pinwheels, 
and if they don't all face the same way, it is ok.  
You don't have to be perfect.
Thanks for the great advice :0)

Amy brought in a banner she made 
out of an old quilt that was falling apart.  
What a great way to use an old quilt.

Amy also brought in some super cute American Doll aprons 
she made for her daughter.
I wonder if they come in my size ;0)

 This is Marcia's first quilt that she made
 and she say that you can tell they have loved it by how worn out it is :0)
Thanks for sharing!

Marcia has also been working on a Farmer's Wife quilt, 
which has 100-some blocks in it. This is one of them.  
She hopes to be done, eventually :0)

Rachel brought in what she refers to as her Clearance quilt. 
 She went to the store and bought a few yards in clearance fabric 
and made a quilt out of it.
What a good way to practice quilting and being thrifty at the same time!

Debbie brought in one of her first quilts, a by-the-bag quilt.  
There was a store you could go buy fabric by the bag-full
 and she took that and made a quilt.
What thrifty sewers :0)

This is Debbie's first quilt guild quilt.

And this is Debbie's current quilt she just finished, an English paper piece.
It is amazing and it recently won Judges choice award.
Way to go Debbie!!

Shirley brought an old quilt from when she was 16.
They took a tablecloth and made it the center of the quilt
 and put a matching border on.  What a neat idea!

This is a project that she helped to teach at a retirement home
 when she was working in college.

This is a recent quilt she has been working on.  
She found a cute print fabric and then sewed around the flowers.

This was a quilt she got from her "new grandma"in high school.
What a cool design!

This a quilt from when she was newly married.

Tamara brought in a finished Round Robin.
They have all turned out so beautifully!

This is a quilt Tamara made for her shop, called On-a-Whim Christmas.
It uses 10 fat quarters and makes 20 blocks.

Carol made a beautiful Barjello quilt.
Way to go!

Carol also made an adorable quilt block for hanging up in her house.

Barb made a beautiful quilt to donate
 for the cure for cancer challenge she entered.

This quilt was put together by Kaye Dawn.  
Alas, she didn't finish the binding in time for our quilt guild, 
but she got most of it done.  
She did a fussy-cut center, and is way excited to finally get it finished.

Cami (??) made this fun quilt.

She also brought in a finished Round Robin.
So pretty!

Cami also brought this adorable snowman quilt in.
We loved the letters at the top and the hat on the penguin.
What a cute idea!!

As part of our Sew and tell, 
Leah brought in some of the squares she had finished
 for the quilt block of the month challenge.
Leah has copies of some of the patterns if you are interested.
Thanks Leah!

**Note- Just a little reminder that in our October quilt guild meeting
 we have been challenged to bring in a finished bag
 and to wear a costume in honor of Halloween.  
Prizes will be given for best costume!!!