Monday, July 14, 2008

July's Summer Picnic and much more

Our July's Quilt Guild meeting was wonderful! We dined and played with fabric - so perfect! Our meeting was a super fun dessert social with a couple of make and take projects taught by Linda Beecher from Seasons of Home quilt store in Midway, UT. Actually, if you have been to Seasons of Home, you know it is much much more than a quilting store and we are so lucky to have it in our community.

Our projects were a fun little cherry needle case and a beautiful etui, both made of darling wool and appliqued. I believe there were a few kits left if you would still like to get one. Call Linda at Seasons of Home to see if she has any left for you. The number is on the right hand side margin of our blog. Thanks Linda for your hard work and also KayeDawn for your cute already-made project to inspire us!

The desserts were bountiful and there are too many wonderful chefs to thank, so thanks to everyone that brought something delicious to share. Hopefully there will be a few recipes posted here or in the next newsletter.

Thanks ladies for a great night at quilt guild meeting!


*Crusan said...

so sad I missed it!

Jenny said...

So sad I missed it and even more sad my good friends who went didn't bring me back a plate of that yummy food!!!!