Thursday, September 4, 2008

August Sew and Tell

Here are a few of the highlights from our August Sew and Tell.

Deonn's Instant Blocks quilt - she is teaching this one at Quilt Fest at the end of the month!

Deonn's - this is the mystery quilt from our retreat in 2007

Deonn's daughter made this quilt for a 4H Contest and won!

Debbie made this quilt for a niece's wedding. After Deonn quilted it in straight channels, the wedding guests signed the quilt in those channels.

Can't remember who's quilt this is, but they have cute shoes on!
I think it is Connie's

Connie's quilt she started in Sisters, Oregon and now finished!

Carol's Buggy Barn Witches

Tamara's cute cute ETUIS - good job Tamara!

Kim Shannon's mother came to our guild meeting with LOADS of charity quilts for the Quilts4Cancer quilt drive. Thanks so much for your charity quilts! Love the horse quilt!

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