Sunday, January 25, 2009


With all of our Bees this year, we will also have the Finishing Bee. Bethany is in charge of this motivating Bee and it will be a great time. To participate in the Finishing Bee this year, you need to remember to bring a fat quarter of fabric (good quality, quilt shop fabric) and also your list of 10 projects you would like to finish this year to our February 5th meeting. Bethany has details of what and how you can list your projects if you have any questions.
The number 4 was drawn out for January's project which means you need to work on and complete the project you listed on your list as #4 for February's meeting. If you finish it, bring it to Sew and Tell and enter your name into the drawing. If you do not finish it, bring an additional fat quarter to contribute to the cute little basket.

Here is the little basket of bliss. Soon it will be full of fat quarters, since EVERYONE that wants to participate must contribute one fat quarter to begin the year. Then it will slowly fill up as the months go by and we can't quite finish the project for that month. But that is okay. Someone gets to win the basket of fat quarters at some time and it could be you!

If this sounds confusing, come to February's guild meeting and talk to Bethany. She will answer all your questions and get you ready to finish a few of those projects that were started a few years ago with good intentions of finishing.

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