Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bee Daring

Bee Daring - Dare to use pre-cut fabrics!

Natalia did a great job at our March guild meeting inspiring us to be daring with all the fun pre-cut fabrics available.

She shared many beautiful quilts that she has made using all kinds of pre-cut fabrics. We got to see charm packs, jelly rolls, honey buns, layer cakes, and fat quarter bundles all put into action in various quilts. She also showed us some of the fun turnovers, jelly cakes, and charming jelly cakes that are available.

She had a few tips for us and one of them was that it is nice to shorten your stitch length a little when using pre-cut fabrics because many of the patterns that use jelly rolls, etc, have you cut the fabrics after they have been sewn together once.
This quilt was Natalia's first pre-cut fabric quilt project. She said from then on she has been hooked. Why cut fabric when the factory can do it for you?

These cute little bags are made from honey buns, 40 coordinating fabric strips cut into 1 1/2 inches by 44 inches. How darling! One honey bun will make 4 entire bags, inside and out, or 8 bags with another fabric used as lining.

This is a super fun quilt Natalia made using a jelly roll, 40 coordinating fabrics cut into 2 1/2 inch by 44 inch strips. She then added the large melon fabric and look how pretty it turned out!

Natalia told us that you can get fun free pre-cut patterns at

Also, check out Natalia's website. She sells all kinds of pre-cut fabrics, patterns, books, notions, and many other 'Quilter's Candy.' The address is If you have a few questions, you can email her at

Thanks so much Natalia for an inspiring night!

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Natalia said...

Thanks Rachel! I might steal some of your pictures if you don't mind:)