Friday, July 3, 2009

Small Town Quilt Show at the Zermatt

This is the 'opportunity quilt' that was made by Yvonne, Deonn, and Tricia for the quilt show. The lucky winner will be announced on July 7th. It is so cute, good job ladies!

There were SO MANY supportive husbands at this quilt show! Thanks fellas! I heard one man say to his sweet quilting wife, "Look at that bargello quilt over there hon, isn't that patriotic!" I nearly fell over a quilt stand, I was in shock and awe at that wonderful man!

Here are just a few pictures of a few of the quilts, I hear around 120, that were entered.

Made by Karen Jackson
Quilted by Shauna Wilde

Made by Barbara Murdock
Quilted by Deonn Stott

Made and quilted by Cindy

Made and quilted by Natalia Bonner

Made by Kathleen Whiting and Natalia Bonner
Best of Show
Good Job Ladies!!

Check out Natalia's quilting!

Made and quilted by Patsy Shelton
1st place

Made by Michele Murdock
Quilted by Deonn Stott
2nd place

Made by Brenda Wilcox
Quilted by Deonn Stott
Honorable Mention

Made and quilted by KayeDawn Epps
Honorable Mention

Patsy, Natalia, Brenda, and Michele

Wow - so many ladies from our guild, good job ladies! Keep up the great work!

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