Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Round Robins Revealed!

July ended our Round Robin Exchange for the year. Most were finished by our July meeting, but a few more showed up at our August meeting. Here they all are (hopefully they are all here, if not, comment and let me know).

This one belongs to Sherron

This is Kathleen's

This one belongs to Tamara - already quilted!!!

These two pictures show Timpi's. One is fuzzy and one cuts the quilt in half - sorry!

This is Beth's

This one is Sally's

This one is Kandy's

This is Stella's

This one is Heather's

This one belongs to Natalia

Would love to know who did all the rounds! Comment and fess up if you would please!

1 comment:

Natalia said...

My mom and I did the applique border on Sherrons, we also did the final border including all the applique stars and the Happy Halloween on Tamara's, the log cabin border on Beth's, the applique on Sally's along with the orange border, and the checkerboard on Heathers :) They all turned out super cute!