Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Quiltfest 2009 Quilt Show

There were 74 quilts in the quilt show this year at Quiltfest. Here are a handful of them.
Snowflake by Margaret Gray - Traditional Pieced

Pieces and More Pieces by Donna Moyer - Traditional Pieced

A Carpenter' Star for Evan by Deonn, Chelsea, Nicole, and Lauren Stott - Group

Obama Hope Quilt by Corinna Weir - Non-traditional

Traveler's Oasis by Jody Jorgensen - Traditional Pieced

Aurora a la Jinny by Marsha Chappell - Traditional Pieced

Tuscan Sun by Clair Mitchell and Jacquelyn Thompson - Group

Scraps of Shannon's Quilt by Kathy Souba - Hand Applique

Birds and Roses by Pat Peters - Hand Applique

Make Believe World by Ann Seely - Non-traditional

Tropical Glow by Joyce Stewart - Machine Applique

Vintage Valentine by Claire Mitchell - Hand Applique

Recreating Memories by Marilyn Toone - Hand Applique

Flowers and Vines by Ella Simons - Hand Applique

Alabama Dream by Juanita Smith - Non-traditional

Love at Home by Marie Eldredge - Mixed Technique

Northeastern Wind by Rachel Crane - Traditional Pieced

Christmas Pickle by Jacquelyn Thompson - Traditional Pieced

Blockheads Round Robin by Barbara Odland and friends - Group

Rip it... Tear it... Shred it... The cat by Ruth Gordy - Mixed Technique

Spirits Having a Human Experience by Denise Austin - Special Effects

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