Thursday, November 12, 2009

worms width and raggedy reverse

Bethany taught us about a fun technique called Raggedy Reverse Applique. She learned it from Kim Deneault about 2 years ago. It is a super fun technique and Kim says 'If you can draw it, you can make it.' She has patterns for sale on her website,, but its much more fun to make up your own custom patterns - including your children's artwork.

Bethany made everyone a little project to work on as she taught us her lesson. First you draw or trace your pattern onto tissue paper or some material like that - thin and see through but strong. Layering your fabrics comes next. Bethany made us 4 layer projects - one on top, 2 layers for the applique, and one for the back of the project. She said 3 layers work great also. Then you sew (shorten your stitch length a little) around your drawn pattern.

Tear away the tissue paper from the areas you want to see first, then cut away that fabric layer with your scissors, being careful not to cut through too many layers or through your stitches. She told us to cut the shape out, leaving a worms width (1/4 inch) of fabric.

Here is the 'worms width.' A nice way for kids to visualize 1/4 inch!

Here the first sections of fabric have been snipped away, leaving a worms width of fabric from the stitching.

Now the next sections are cut way, revealing the third layer of fabric.

Then you fray the 'worms width' of fabric you left behind!

Bethany outlined these simple steps:

1.Trace the design

2. Layer your fabric pieces

3. Sew the design onto the fabric

4. Snip away layers of fabric

5. Fray the edges of the fabric

Thanks so much to Bethany for making our November quilt guild meeting so fun. What a great technique for a fast, darling quilt.

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Rachel said...

thanks Bethany, it was great!!