Friday, January 8, 2010

January 2010 - A few things to remember

Tricia has designed this darling Spring Delight Quilt. She has designed 4 quilts for us. This year our theme is "A Time & a Season for Quilting"
So we will make 4 seasonal quilts.
Very cute Tricia.
A few other things to remember.
You must pay your $25.00 dues before Februarys' meeting.
Our newsletter will no longer be e-mailed. Once you've paid your dues you can access the newsletter on our website.

Our calendar is also now on our website.


deonn said...

Wow, Natalia - I like the new format!

Anonymous said...

super great natalia!!
Tricia, I am a little irritated with that darling Spring quilt . . . it is so cute! I was not going to start any new projects, but I think I will have to with this one!
it was a great night ladies!


Natalia said...

Thanks Deonn! I agree with you Rachel. I've got the pattern sitting right here next to my computer trying to convince myself I don't need to start something new! LOL