Monday, February 28, 2011

February's Sew and Tell

Sew and Tell - just about every one's favorite part of
Quilt Guild. There were many great projects finished
this month.

Barb shows her first block of the block of the week
at Seasons of Home, designed by Natalia.

Cathy finished her split nine patch quilt that she
started at our class in November. She made two
of them for her granddaughters.

Beth shows her fall quilt. So cute!!

Timpi's summer quilt. I like her additions to the quilt.
Timpi is being camera shy, so Debbie is showing her
quilts and hiding behind them.

A quilt in progress by Timpi.

Another quilt in progress by Timpi??

Deonn's cute quilt that her daughter designed.

Deonn shows her finished round robin from a few years back.
It turned out great!!

Deonn's cute hen pincushion.

Debbie shows a darling quiet book. She is offering a class to make it
through the USU extension.

Margaret shows her center block for the yearly quilt.

Kandy shows a cute quilt she finished.

I think this is Suzanne hiding behind her beautiful quilt. She made
it using just scraps. Great job!!

I am in total awe of this quilt. Actually ,I want it.
What a work of art. Carol made this all by hand except for the
binding that she sewed by machine. There are 5385 piece in
this quilt. Again, all sewn by hand. So beautiful!!!!

Carol shows the beautiful hand quilting on the back of another quilt.

Barbara shows her center block.

What a fun garden themed quilt. Barbara made this
as part of a block of the month.

Kami shows a cute cover she made for her nook.

Kami's center block.

Kami's center block for Round Robin.

Kami is doing a block of the month at American Quilting.
This is an embroidered red work block. Looks like it is going to be
a cute quilt.

Kristi is excited to finally have this darling quilt completed.

Amy is making these cute birds as a fundraiser to go to
Mexico. Contact her if you would like to get one.

Tamara is working on a fun tractor quilt and shows some
of her completed blocks. Can't wait to see the finished quilt!!!

Tamara shows a darling tree skirt.

Tamara made this great Christmas quilt. Yes, all of those little
squares are little squares of fabric sewn together.

Tamara made this fun Christmas wall hanging. It is made
using prairie points.

Shauna, one of our newest guild members made this quilt
for her daughter for Christmas. She designed it herself. It
is darling.

Shauna also made this quilt for her son for Christmas.
It turned out great!!!

Another new guild member, Bonnie show a Bee block.

Bonnie made a cute pillowcase for her daughter.

Bonnie made this darling ladybug quilt for her daughters 3rd
Birthday. It has cute folded ribbons sewn into the edge
of the quilt. Love it!!

The lady bug quilt.

A big thanks to all of you who sewed around the fabric so
that the FFA student could tie them and donate them to Charity.


Rachel said...

WOW! You ladies are so talented!!

Beth Wegner said...

I love our quilt guild, everyone is so productive it makes me want to finish my projects too!

Timpi Marie said...

I wasn't just camera shy, I got really really tired! (OK a little camera shy too!

Cat said...

We have an amazingly talented group. I really enjoy the different projects shared.

Anonymous said...

Carol, I love the hand quilting, you have such a talent! Shauna I'm proud of your first two quilts, keep up the good work!
Cathy Brand

Beth Wegner said...

Kami, you'll have to check out my Finishing Bee this month, I think two of the blocks you are showing are in this quilt.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed with the abilities that everyone has. Way to go! I always dream that I look better than I really do, but cameras sometimes tell the truth, which is probably good for me!

Barb Murdock

Deonn said...

I'm with you, Barb - Wish I had some warning when pictures were being snapped... It looks like I'm scared of my chicken...

I'm always amazed at how creative and productive our guild members are!! LOVE Sew & Tell!! So motivating and inspiring!

Anonymous said...

We have some very talented people in this guild, wish I had some of their artistic abilities.

Also wish I knew how to be computer smart on this like this.

Barb Murdock