Wednesday, October 5, 2011

September Civil War Blocks

OK, First off, sorry Rachel for my horrible photography skills.
(But, I am thinking you were a little excited about this particular block.)

No wonder you were hiding,

and peeking over the edge.
Anyway, these blocks will be the corners of the quilt.
So, make four of them.


Tamara and Marc said...

I really need to get started. Anyone want to make the first block for me and get me started?

Jaime Ellis said...

This was my first time coming to quilters guild and I had a lot of fun and felt very welcome. Thank you everyone.

Rachel said...

Tricia, it is not your photography skills, it is my super cheesey-ness! Wow, I need to learn to control that! I will continue to just peek over - it is safer that way!