Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February Guild- A History

We celebrated our fifteenth quilt guild anniversary!  
We were even able to get our past presidents to come for a group picture!!

Before we talked about our past history though, we did some of our guild business.

The first thing we covered was the making of charity quilts for the FFA group here in Heber.  We even had some of the FFA youth leaders come to say a big thank you for the all the quilts we made for them to tie.

Margaret was kind enough to show off some of the quilts that were done.

Then we did our blog and on time drawings for the lucky few...

Shirlee won our on-time drawing!! 
Thanks to all who were On Time :0)

Beverly and her son won the blog drawing.

Kay Dawn won the best spray starch in the world, or so it has been said.

Then we got started into the 

February 1999
This is our wonderful founder, Cat Beckstead, with her president's quilt.
(a president's quilt is the quilt given by the guild to the president each year)

This is the first year quilt done by the guild, which actually took a little longer than a year, as Cat was doing the newsletter, being president, and pretty much doing everything the first year or two to get it started.

Next they did a Jackalonie Quilt.

This quilt is a round robin they did.
Cat was very excited that this one was actually DONE :0)

Shantelle Cox became president.
She started doing a yearly quilt challenge, which became her specialty even when she was no longer the president.
This quilt is from one of the retreats during her presidency.

Quilt challenge: Picnic in the snow
She started with some panda bear fabric and went from there 
(afraid I can't remember all the details on this challenge, if any one wants to help me out...)

Quilt Challenge: Pushing up the Daisies
Each person got a candy bar and they had to make a quilt that used their candy as a theme.  They were also not allowed to eat the candy until the quilt was done!!
Chantelle's candy bar was a Mounds.

Quilt Challenge: Fat Quarters
Each person took a survey that asked what things they didn't like, and then were given fat quarters that were from their list.  Then they had to make a quilt out of their "unusual" fabric.

The next two quilts have things learned in quilt school.

Quilt Challenge: Charm school flowers
Each person made flowers out of charm packs??

Quilt Challenge: Elements of Quilting
Each quilt had to have the four elements involved: earth, wind, fire, and water.

Baskets of friendship

Design Challenge: Burpee Seed
Pick a flower out of the seed catalog and sew the flower.

In 2003, they had the first retreat and it was held in a cabin. There was no electricity, so they chatted, had fun, and swapped fabric.

The next year, they had power and started doing mystery quilts!
This one is a nine-patch and snowball.  It was done in strips, so as to be a mystery!

Second Mystery Quilt

Hidden Petals Quilt

The Fun Quilt Retreat

The "Yuck" Fabric Quilt :0)

Beeline Mystery Quilt

Fire Element Quilt

Less is more quilt...
Cat wasn't fond of the difficult squares, so she thew in some simple squares.  That made it so she didn't have to do any more squares she didn't like!

Christmas quilt in progress....

Design Challenge: Mix two designs not usually put together, with two colors that are not your usual pick.

Chantelle enjoyed making Cathedral Windows so much, she made just a few...

Deonn Stott became president.
This is a quilt designed by Cat and sewn by Deonn.

Kari Giacalone and then Michelle Blair were president.
Michelle Blair was president for half and then Brenda Wilcox became president until 2007.

Brenda's theme was Back to the Basics.
They made a quilters bible of references.  They also did sewing room tours to help gather ideas.
The quilt below is an instant block quilt they did.

Kaye Dawn became president.
Some of the things they worked on were applique and sewing sachets.
The quilt below is her president quilt, which has everyone's name on it and some of the things taught during the year.

2009-Sherron Watson, President
2010-Tricia Mathis, President
2011-Rachel Crane, President
Her theme was "Time Marches On" and did a block of the month with battles of the US.

2012-Michelle Murdock, President
Her theme was Quilting Sense($$) One of the projects they did to show money sense was to use leftover selvage edges to make pillow cases.

Michelle also did a study on which fabrics hold up the best.
(Moda fabric was the winner)

Michelle's President's Quilt

2013 Beth Wegner, President
2014 Amber, our current President :0)

From another guild, Thursday Threads in Midway, we have another wonderful president, Carol who was able to show us her lovely work.

Carol brought us her two-color quilt block of the month quilt.

Carol's President Quilt

After our beautiful history of our guild, we stopped for some refreshments.  Thanks go to all who brought goodies!! Sorry I was not able to get enough pictures of our yummies!

Do these look familiar??? Check out your February invite...hmm, talk about a coincidence :0)

We also did a Valentine's exchange 
(sorry, no pictures...I wanted to have some Valentines too!!).
Amber made beautiful bags for everyone to put their goodies in.
Amazing Amber!!

After we got our yummies, we were able to sit still again and do our
Sew and Tells!

Amber started off with a cutsie tool belt she made for Heatherly, 
as a thanks for the recent (and wonderful!!) mini retreat day she put together for us.

Barb had decided to clean out her craft room and finish a bunch of projects...her craft room is now messy again, but she brought some delightful projects to share :0)

The first she brought was a charity quilt.

She made pillow tops to match a quilt she had been working on at our mini retreat, 
and pillow cases (picture didn't turn out :0( sorry)

She finished an amazing Confetti Quilt (approx. 1800 Pieces!!!)
She also made pillow tops to go with (sorry, blurry picture for that one...)
Way to go Barb!!!

Cami brought in an adorable bunny rabbit for her round robin center.

Michelle's son finished this afgan for his older brother and she wanted to show it off for him.
Way to go!!!

Patty's round robin center. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

And the cutest snowman award goes to Carol!

Leah brought in a round robin. Sooo exciting!

Nita brought in one of our favorites of the night.  She had a quilt that had been too small, and so she added a border onto it, making it absolutely perfect!  Talk about one smart cookie!
She used a hidden border technique that she will be teaching us in June.  Can't wait!!

Tamara brought in a stunning bag that is quite handy and has lots of pockets and places to put things.

Amy brought in a quilt she made out of her Modern Neutrals book.  Wow!!

Amy also did a paper-piece pillow
and has a bunch of tutorials on her blog site.

Rachel worked with Natalia on a quilt with "weird" blocks of the month.

Rachel also finished a quilt to give to Diane as a thank you gift for being a Relief Society President because it has "happy colors" in it.

Shirly had fun news to share as part of her sew and tell-her daughter had a baby and they are tickled pink about it! She also was able to help teach one of her grand daughters some new sewing techniques.

Shirly also brought some fun sew and tells too :0)
She finished some beautiful place mats and coasters.

She also made eight adorable pillowcases for her grandchildren.

Chynna's cute heart pillow and fun necklaces she made.

After our fun sew and tell, we got to take a little time to learn how to wrap wire lettering with scrap fabric.

Rachel also took some time to demonstrate how to correctly bind corners on our quilts.  We were able to take some hot pads home to practice on.  Don't forget to bring them back for our next sew and tell :0)

News to follow...


kami said...

I love to see all the quilts again!
I look like a hipster in my glasses and scarf!
I need to work on my ufos! I have a few of these and all need to be finished. (Some are farther than others)
Kami Williams

Anonymous said...

Wow, great job on the blog! That was a lot of information to keep track of! Thanks for all of the pictures to remind and inspire us!


Anonymous said...

Good to see the blog, then I remembered what I brought last month. Hate to repeat.

Barb M.

Tamara and Marc said...

The new layout of the blog looks great. Thanks Alise for keeping track of all that. It was a busy night, but lots of fun information. can't wait to see you all this month.

Robin said...

It was so much fun to hear all the history of the guild. Can't wait for tonight!

Celeni said...

So sad to have missed it!!