Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sewing Space Showcase and Christmas Party, Nov 29th 2007

Okay ladies, here goes our new blog for the Heber Valley Quilters! Today's post features pictures of our wonderful Christmas Party and Sewing Space Showcase. But first of all, a huge thank you to Deonn, Cindy, Linda, and Kim for letting us all in your homes and showing us the place we all love best, sewing spaces. Also, a nice big thank you to everyone who prepared food and beverages for us all to enjoy. It was a super time. I (being Rachel) feel so horrible that I didn't get more camera happy at the beginning of our evening. I only have one picture at Deonn's house and I left my camera downstairs for the Material Girl extravaganza!! I wish so badly I would have gotten a few pictures of us all swaying to the music, singing with Madonna, listening to Brenda and Deonn, and most of all, swishing our fabric!

I did capture a few pictures of Cindy's house and her beautiful custom sewing room. Thanks Wendy, Crusan, and Deonn for indulging me with your smiles! I hope you all get used to smiling while I am around.

Tricia, thanks to you too! And Cindy, your Christmas decorations were exquisite. Thanks for letting us into your home and showing us your treasures.

Linda's house was our 3rd visit and it was great to sit down by the fire and enjoy each other's company. Brenda received some of her 'Red and Butter' blocks at Linda's house. They were given to her as a THANK YOU for being our guild president in 2007. Thanks for a really fun year Brenda. All your hard work is appreciated.

I took pictures of some of Linda's nifty ideas in her sewing space. She is a Lowe's Home Improvement Store fan and she uses many of their products in ways they never imagined. Thanks for the good ideas Linda.

Kim thrilled us by letting us see her sewing room/studio. She also showed us some of her great little gadgets she uses for her fabric business. Kim owns and runs, her very own online store. She also let us see her business fabric room. How very exciting. She has the funnest cat and dog prints, although she says alot of her business right now is collegiate print fabric.

Kim had many quilts hanging up for us to look at and dream about. They were all beautiful and we got to hear some of their stories.

Well, ladies, here we all are. Wasn't it a great night? I think we should do this every year. Thanks to those amazing ladies that coordinated this night for us to enjoy. It was such great time together.

Kim Shannon was our Queen Bee this month. She shared some of her stories about her first quilts, running a fabric store in Kansas, and how much she loves fabric. Thanks for sharing Kim and for inspiring us all. Until next post, may your bobbin always be full.


Barb Murdock said...

Way to go Rachael, I could never do this. In fact, I do not know anything about blogs, so I signed up and I hope it works and that I do not get lots of things via e-mail that I do not want. Barb Murdock

Cat said...

This is great Rachel. Thanks for putting this together for us. This will help keep us all informed of the groups activities.

Patty said...

Looks great Rachael. What a fun night we had at the Christmas Quilt Guild meeting. Thank-you to everyone for all their hard work and for letting us come to their beautiful homes.

deonn said...

Wow, NICE! HVQ is coming of age... This is going to be great! Well done, Rach, Maybe you can give us a user lesson at guild meeting for those of us who feel like we are entering uncharted territory... Ü

Joan DeFriez said...

Thanks Rachel for exposing us to a blog. This is the kind of blog that is interesting to me. I loved the pictures and comments on the web site. What a great group of women belong the the Heber Valley Quilt Guild. I feel most fortunate to rub shoulders with all of you each month. Thanks to Brenda for stepping up as president. She has done a great job and KayDawn will do the same. What a great Christmas Party. I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot. I still have a lot to learn so I look forward to seeing you all next year.

kayedawn said...

Rachel what a terrific and exciting adventure you have added to our guild. Our party was fun the first time now we can do it again. You have a great way of expressing all of our feelings. Thank you Rachel for taking on this task.
I also want to thank Deonn, Cindy, Linda and Kim for sharing their beautiful homes and sewing spaces with all of us.
Thank you Brenda it was a fun year.


Jenny said...

Sign me up, I am calling Christy soon. I just need to figure out how to get my sewing machine out of the box.