Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Round Robin Exchange group #3

Just a few pictures to get you all excited about the 2008 Round Robin Exchange!
These are the tops that group #3 did in 2007.
This top is Debbie's. She did the center, Rachel did the first border by putting it on point and adding a thin red border, Cat did the second border of overlapping squares and the second thin red border, and Michele did the outer border of cream framed squares. Debbie provided her fabric. She had purchased a bunch of fat quarters from the Yours Truly collection by Eleanor Burns a few years ago and included them for us to use.

This is Rachel's top called Grandma's Apple Tree. Cat did the first border of pieced green apples, the second border of green squares, appliqued red apples, and cute tiny brown strip border was done by Michele. Debbie did the outside picket fence border. (I love this by the way, thanks ladies!)

This is Cat's quilt top. The center square of 4 bear paws was made by Cat, the first border of red, putting it on point, and pieced red squares was done by Michele. Debbie did the second border of flying geese, and the outside border was done by Rachel.

This top is Michele Murdock's. She paper pieced this pretty medallion and Debbie did the first border of purple strips and 1/2 corner stones. Rachel did the diamond border and thin light purple border, and Cat finished it off with all the triangles.

The Round Robin Exchange is a super time and a great way to learn new techniques and stretch yourself. Sign up on January 3rd for the 2008 swap. I would love to post pictures of the other groups' tops, so please email me a picture of yours so I can do another post of Round Robins. We all love to see them and be inspired!


Cat said...
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Cat said...

It is fun to see the completed quilts. I did not see the end result until now. (except for Michele's quilt of course) Each of you reading this should sign up! It is a great fun and learning experience.