Thursday, January 3, 2008

News About Quilting in the Woods and Charity Quilts

Well, once again we have been inspired at our quilt guild meeting! Our January 2008 Kick Off was full of information, fun, and motivation! There is way too much to handle in one post, so you will get a little bit every few days.

First of all, here is a kaleidoscope quilt made by Paulette. Isn't it great? You bet, and you get to learn how to make one if you attend our Quilting in the Woods Retreat! Paulette is teaching a kaleidoscope quilt class at the retreat so we can all have one of our own. There will be more information to come about what fabric to buy, how much, and what all those 4, 6 and 8 repeat terms mean.

I love this picture. It is Paulette showing us all what is meant by repeating prints. Don't worry, we will get a lesson soon! All you need to know now is to mark May 1-3 on your calendar for the retreat. Better yet, use that cute little cabin magnet you have and make sure it is in perfect sight for your family to see it. Shantelle says they need to know when you will be gone quilting!

Here is Wendy and Crusan, our charity quilt ladies. Crusan sent a sign up around asking for help with piecing, quilting, and binding some of the instant blocks we learned and made last year. Thank you for those that signed up and are willing to donate your time and talents. Crusan also told us that she would willingly take any other charity quilts you would like to make to dialysis centers for their patients to use.

Wendy is our state guild representative and the Utah State Quilt Guild is asking its member to make 40" by 60" or larger quilts for Quilts4Cancer which benefits kids and teenagers with cancer in our state. They can be tied or quilted.

You can give the completed quilts to Wendy, she will turn them in for you, or I read in The Beeline Newsletter I receive from the state guild that you can turn them into a quilt shop in Tremonton called Quilters Harvest. They will turn them in for you AND they will give you a 20% discount off of a one time only purchase at their store. So, if you head north anytime soon, go check it out, tell us what a cute shop it is, turn in a quilt or two, and get a screaming good deal! The owner of that shop, Peggy Schultz would love to see you! In order for your quilts to go to Quilts4Cancer, they need to be finished by September, but why put it off?

Thanks everyone for sharing your amazing work with us at our January guild meeting. Keep sewing and may your bobbin always be full!


Jenny said...

Fun Fun Fun! Thanks to all who made the first timers so welcome. I had a lot of fun and am excited to start!

Rachel said...

I crawled in bed at 11:45 last night, completely excited. Debbie must have been excited too because her sewing room light was still on when I went to bed!
So I laid there in my cozy bed and I just couldn't go to sleep after such a fun guild meeting. I just kept thinking, "FIRE, FIRE, FIRE, what am I going to do? I could do this or this, or maybe this would look neat. What friendship block should I chose for my month? I can't wait to figure out what center I am going to make for the round robin." I also had thoughts like, "I should really whip something together for a charity quilt, how hard could that be? I really need to quilt that baby quilt I made for my sister in law. I can't wait to see what every one else does for their FIRE!! KayeDawn's unfinished quilt deal is an answer to my prayers! I will finally get those 2 round robins and a few other projects quilted."
You get the point? I could NOT turn off my brain so I could go to sleep! I had visions of quilt blocks dancing in my head!
I should have just gotten out of bed and did something constructive since I wasn't sleeping, but I truly was enjoying just letting my mind think about all the fun things I get to do for the next few months.

Jenny said...

I woke up this morning and my Sweet boy Jacob(age 5)asked to see my Quilt. I told him I didn't make one last night, that I only showed some tops that Great Great Great Grandma made. He said did you work on them. I told him that I would be doing a block before next meeting and it was to be a Earth quilt block, he is very excited to help.
He is the other reason that I started this guild. He wants to learn how to quilt and sew! I love it.
To all who don't know me, I comment a lot! Sorry...

debbie said...

Ok, it's true I was in the sewing room putting together the rail fence baby quilt blocks that I had ready before guild meeting. I couldn't go to bed until they were ready for the borders. It didn't seem like it could be 12:45 pm...anyway, I think I am in overload after January's meeting. If I change my mind about the Elements Challenge can I still sign up?

deonn said...

OK ladies, that was fun. So we're all a little jazzed (obsessed) about quilting... my husband calls our meetings Quilt Guilt...Ü Only 12:45, Debbie? Don't laugh, I didn't go to bed until 5:30 am... working on the guild roster and website updates.... Check it out! You can now download our HVQ GUILD GUIDE FOR NEW (and old) MEMBERS right from the website. I added a few pictures, but ran out of space on our "free" site to add more right now.

Debbie, just call Shantelle and she will draw an "element" for you. Come on, it'll be fun!

Cat said...

What a fun evening this was! Thank you KayDawn for all your planning and time on our behalf.