Saturday, April 5, 2008

April Queen Bee

Cathy is our April Queen Bee and she brought a few fun quilts to share with us at our guild meeting this month. This one has a fun story to it. She saw this quilt done in spring colors at a quilt shop and loved it. She pointed it out to her husband who was shopping with her and told him how pretty she thought it was and how nice that quilt would look in their camping trailer. They left the store but he turned sneaky on her. He called the store, told them that his wife loved one of the quilts they had displayed, which one it was, and had them make up a kit for her. He took pictures of the inside of their trailer, sent them to the shop and they made her up a kit with coordinating fabric, thread, and the pattern. He gave it to her as a gift, I think she said birthday. So very cute!! She said she didn't realize that it had flowers on it until she began making it. What a good guy she has!

This one is for her grandson, so very cute. The embroidery on it is darling.

This one is a Buggy Barn pattern, Crazy Goose Chase or something like that. The colors are beautiful! Cathy has her own long arm quilting machine so she quilted these herself, and they are all wonderful. Look at the links to the right to see Cathy's business information. What a great addition she is to our guild. Thanks for sharing Cathy! See our newsletter for more of Cathy's story.

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Epperson Family said...

I love that quilt she made for her Grandson. Too Cool!