Thursday, April 10, 2008

Our Design Challenge for the month of March was to add embellishments, particularly beads to our ELEMENTS quilts. It was so fun to see what everyone did for their bead work this time around. Some people got really creative and they turned out great.

Connie and Michele, both of the element WATER

Jenny's of the element EARTH

Liz's of the element EARTH

Heather's of the element EARTH

Tricia's of the element EARTH

The next step in our Design Challenge is to quilt, bind, and label our quilts to prepare for the June 5th ELEMENTS Design Challenge Quilt Show! Hooray!

Thanks for the fun magnets Shantelle, they are so cute!

Remember the quilt show at the library in June also. It would be super if we could all display our ELEMENTS quilts together! Sherron is in charge of the library show, contact her with any questions.

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