Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quilts in the Garden Quilt Show

Hopefully most of you local quilters were able to attend the QUILTS IN THE GARDEN QUILT SHOW at Thanksgiving Point this last week. What a treat! Quilts were arranged in groups throughout the gardens and it was so very exciting to round a bend while walking on the garden paths and see another breathtaking group of quilts! Thanks to Barbara for making this quilt show happen, all the ladies that were able to help her, and of course the ladies that bought tickets and took advantage of such a great opportunity. This is a great fund raiser for the Utah Quilt Guild that will hopefully continue in the upcoming years.

The first grouping of quilts that you came to as you walked along the path was a beautiful arrangement all made by Jodi Warner. Some guild members may remember Jodi as she was a guest instructor/speaker at one of our guild meetings in 2007. She shared her tips and tricks with us and also her amazing appliqued panel quilt shown below at that meeting.

Isn't it amazing!! It was wonderful to see so many of her quilts in one place at Thanksgiving Point.

The next quilt grouping was a great quilt assortment all made by fun fun ladies from Moab. Here is Barbara and some of the great quilters from Moab.

One of the favorite quilts from the Moab ladies was this quilt made by Tommye and the cute Spring wall hanging, also made by Tommye.

Another quilt area was along a nice pretty corridor of trees and shrubs. There were so many quilts from our guild members and it was great to see them in such a pretty setting.


Connie (volunteering) with Whitney's quilt (Natalia has this pattern for sale on her website-link to the right)

Another fun quilting arrangement was mostly full of Deonn and girls, and Kim's quilts. Here is Deonn and Chelsea helping out with the quilt show.


Deonn's is on the right

There were two Moab quilting group arrangements and one of the arrangements had a lot of what they called BQ quilts. If you google "BQ quilts" you will find so many results for these fun quilts. They are made up of 18" blocks with 12" off set centers of focus fabric. The BQ is for Big Quilts - you can make a quilt pretty quickly with this pattern. The following 3 quilts are BQ quilts made by ladies from Moab.

And here and the happy ladies from Moab! Deonn, if you remember their names, will you please comment who they are so I can add them in.

A surprise in the Secret Garden was Kim Diehl. She set up a bunch of her quilts from some of her books and it was a great secret!
Her quilts have amazing applique and great color. It was such a treat to see her work and chat with her for awhile.
This one is also Kim's
Barbara and Tricia, taking a break in the shade of the Secret Garden. They were so busy running all day getting things ready and taking care of their volunteers. Thanks so much to Tricia and Barbara for doing such a great job with the quilt show.

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deonn said...

Rach - great pictures - What a perfect day! The two Moab gals are Debbie and Sue (they took my carpetbag class at the Panguitch Quilt Walk - I don't know their last names)

What could be better - quilts, flowers, gardens, friends....