Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Round Robin Group #2

There were 6 ladies that participated in a second group of Round Robin making. The last borders were added and finished for our August meeting. Here is the quilt show!

This one is Rachel's

This one is Sherron's

This one is Crusan's, well, technically her husband's she says

This one is Wendy H's

Poor Wendy J, she finished one and her's didn't get finished! Darn that Rachel! She better get busy! Wendy - it is on its way, promise!

Where is Stella's round robin? Some investigation must be done!

If anyone wants to comment and tell us all which borders you did that would be great!

I had Stella email me a picture of hers - Thanks Stella - it turned out so cute!

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Rachel said...

This is Rachel reporting - I did Wendy H's first border, I did Crusan's 2nd border, and I am doing Wendy J's 3rd border that is going to look so great when it gets done - Promise!