Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bulls Eye

Our November meeting was a great hands on experience with soft applique. Those that wanted to participate brought 4 fat quarters and went home with at least one bulls eye block.

Here is Heather with the amazing EASY CIRCLE CUT by Sharon Hultgren. What a handy tool to have for this project. Some ladies also used paper plate templates which worked just as well.

We were divided into groups of four people, since a square bulls eye block has 4 corners to it. We got busy with cutting our circles and sewing them together, then cutting them into quarters, swapping, and sewing them together again!

The following four pictures are the results of the evening's four groups. Look how great they turned out! Thanks Sherron for a great lesson on soft applique.

Joan's group

Natalia's group

Cat and Shantelle's group

KayeDawn's group

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