Monday, August 19, 2013

Quilts for the Officers

This just came in from Barb our area director.

Today I counted and bagged all of the quilts for charity for the police officers. We are hoping to deliver them on Tuesday.

Please let your members know that we more than made our quota, in fact we made 33 more than our areas requested.  So, I gave two extra to each of the Heber City and Park City police departments.

The state guild is in dire need of more quilts to help in other areas where the quota is far short, so we are donating the extras to the Utah Quilt Guild to be given where needed.

Some of the members went way above what we asked for and made multiple quilts.  Wow!

I am sure that some child, somewhere, will benefit from our generosity and time and  that the quilt will give them comfort in some way.

The Utah State Guild Guild also said to say thank you many times over!  Please know that I also send my many thanks to everyone.  We have some fabulous members in our area who care about others.

Way to go Guild.  All of your help and charity helped us get to our numbers plus.  Some little boy or girl is going to be so lucky to get one of your special quilts.

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