Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2008 Retreat

Quiltin' in the Woods Retreat 2008 May 1-3
Ladies, it is time to decide if you are attending this super great time of sewing and laughing, and oh yeah, eating, and more laughing with your fellow quilters.
Shantelle sent us all home with a retreat paper that needs to be returned at the April 3rd guild meeting. You need to return it even if you are not going, just so she will know.
The cost is $15.00, you need to bring this with you on April 3rd along with the survey form you received. If you missed a paper, get in touch with Shantelle before April 3rd.
Hopefully we will get to cackle together (it does happen), get to know each other better, get some sewing done, and learn all about those Kaleidoscope quilts!

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