Friday, March 14, 2008


Okay ladies, you all know that our design challenge for March is bead embellishment. This is new to alot of us, so I have done a little research for us and I am getting excited. I was in my bed last night thinking of what I was going to do with my FIRE and the beads I received. This will be fun to learn something new.

Here is a website about a book that Nancy Eha has written. She is a bead guru and when you click on it, don't judge her by the crazy hat! There are some good illustrations to give you more ideas about beading than just one bead at a time if you scroll down the article.

Many of you are familiar with Great American Quilt Factory in Denver Colorado. There are two ladies that run it, Nancy and Lynda, and they have a publishing company called Possibilities. This link is just a Possibilities handout type document with a few tips on it about embellishments.

There is another bead guru named Mary Stori. She has been on Simply Quilts a few times to talk about beading. She has some great beading books. Here is her website:

One lady named Melody Crust says about bead embellishment "Making a quilt is like baking a cake - all the fun is in the frosting." She has an embellishment book out called Quilt Toppings. I bet will let you look at a few pages of it. She also has a website:

One more, Mary Lou Weidman,
She is a well known beader. I went to her site and I didn't see anything that would necessarily help us with our design challenge, but she has some amazingly beautiful quilts on her site. Her blog is really fun too, click on that link from her website.

Good Luck ladies! Live and learn.


Anonymous said...
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Jenny said...

That Hat! WOW! Thanks for the ideas Rachel... I am excited... I think, to dive into a new challenge. Bead Baby BEAD