Friday, May 9, 2008

Home Machine Quilting Show, SLC UT

The Home Machine Quilting show is going on right now! Head down to SLC to the Expo Center and check it out. There are 150 vendors this year, our very own Kim Shannon being one of them with her store there. There are over 500 quilts displayed this year also, wow! A few of those 500 are from our own guild, good job ladies! There are tons of classes going on too, but you kind of missed that already, sorry.

This quilt is a special exhibit that is on display this year. It is called 'The Supper' and is 15.3 feet wide and 5.5 feet tall and beautiful. The entire quilt is made from 1/2 inch squares, 51,816 of them. Go check it out, it would make daVinci proud.

Here are just some pictures of quilts that I (Rachel) enjoyed and thought you might too, although no picture is as good as seeing it in real life, full color, and the atmosphere, oh the atmosphere!

This quilt is the only one that I took a close up picture of the tag, sorry, I should have done it on all the quilts. But if you click on the picture of the quilt, it will give you a close up and hopefully you can see what you want to see. You should definitely click on the above picture and look at the amazing binding, applique, whatever you call it around the edge. So pretty!

A popular pattern, I liked it and so do other quilters it seems! I think there was one more of this one.

Okay, I took a picture of this one because I loved it, then I visited Natalia's blog (link on the right) and realized it is hers!!!! Natalia, it is so beautiful, good job!

Holy smack chicken, amazing!
Melon blocks for Jenny, she loves the melon block.

Okay, you know that quilting is getting to you when you see a quilt from a far and recognize the pattern. This pattern is called Eureka! and it is beautiful - the colors and all. It is in the show this year.

This Eureka! quilt was in the show last year and was also stunning.

Get your fannies down to the Expo Center and see them all yourselves! You can print off a $1 off coupon for admission at These pictures were taken before the ribbons were awarded. Do you think I picked any winners? If anyone else takes some pictures of their favorites, email them to me and I will put them on here too.


Epperson Family said...

Hey Rachel I thought you were going to tell me when you went. the quilts are beautiful! I really like the one with the log cabon on it. and the wild geese in the garden, how do they do that edge? I showed Lyn the Last Supper quilt & he said someone has to much time on their hands. funny huh?!

Jenny said...

I saw my Melon Block before I saw that you posted that one for me! I am smiling inside and out! I LOVE THE MELON BLOCK!
Natalia your quilt is beautiful, way to go, and Congratulations on your award!
I want to do a chiken and a last supper quilt! Is it all pieced different colored material on the Chicken as well? So many questions??????

Brad and Natalia said...

Thanks Jenny! I had lots of fun doing it! I am already looking for ideas to make one for next year:)

Rachel said...

Natalia, I love it!