Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Retreat

We stayed at The Miners Club for our retreat - what treat!! It was such a good time and a wonderful place to stay, thanks Cat, Shantelle, and KayeDawn for working such good things out for us.

Heather, Patti, Crusan, Jenny, and Rachel

Wendy and Michele, busy at work on vairous projects. We had a lot of time for open sew this year, it was great. Everyone just worked on whatever they wanted to and whatever had to be done. We did see a few round robins getting another border added, how exciting!

Crusan and KayeDawn

We had a pretty nice set up. Most of our cutting was done upstairs in the loft and all of our machines were set up downstairs together. Unfortunately, the table closest to the kitchen and ALL the scrumptious food was right by Rachel's table! I ate almost as much as I sewed!

Shantelle put some really cute baskets/treat bags/boxes/whatever you want to call them together for us. Thanks Shantelle for all the treats and to those that contributed to the fun baskets of goodies.

What a great time we had a the retreat this year. Thanks to everyone that made it possible.

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