Thursday, May 15, 2008


Ever heard of the technique called 'McTavishing?'
There is a technique taught by Karen McTavish that is the exciting rage in quilting. Deonn took a class taught my Karen McTavish at the Home Machine Quilting Show and she said it was wonderful and such a great time.

Karen has her own fun style and techniques, maybe Deonn will share some with us at guild meeting and show us what she learned!

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deonn said...

I took a couple of classes from Karen - her McTavishing class and a custom heirloom quilting class with lots of feathers and trapunto. I have never had so much fun - what a character with her feather tatoos and dredlocks. I enjoyed every minute. I noticed that many prize-winning quilts in the HMQS quilt show used "McTavishing" in their background quilting. Beautiful work! Her philosophy: Always do the hard thing.