Monday, January 17, 2011

End of 2010

A big THANK YOU to all of you who gave Tricia a Presidents block.
She is so excited to make these blocks into a quilt.

Also, a big Thank You to the HVQ Board who served this year.
The board members were Rachel, Beth, Deonn, Debbie,
Shantelle, Cat, Bethany and Natalia.
They all did a great job for a fun year!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting all the sew and tell. Sometimes I have to leave before we get to sew and tell and I enjoyed seeing everything even if I wasn't there.

You are all doing a great job and I appreciate you. Tricia was a fabulous president and Rachel will also show her stuff.

Joan DeFriez

Tamara and Marc said...

Tricia did a great job as our president and her quilts were so fun to make. I can't wait to see what her president quilt looks like with all of the blocks.
Rachel it's going to be a fun year with you president.

Rachel said...

You did a fantastic job Tricia, thanks for such a fun fun year.
You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing a creative way to change with the seasons. I had a lot of fun working on your quilts. Great job! Bethany