Saturday, January 29, 2011

January's Sew and Tell

Cathy made this beautiful quilt for a lady in Florida.

Deonn made a fun runner.

Rachel made a darling baby quilt for her niece.

Barb made this fun quilt.

Michele made this darling quilt using a raw edge applique method.

Amber's first quilt. It is great. Way to go!!!

Cathy shows us one of her Christmas gifts from her husband.
It is a deluxe seam ripper made by Ginger. She says it is the best.

Tamara finished her Winter wall hanging. So cute.

Natalia reminds us to vote for Kathleen in the McCalls quilting contest.
We are all voting for you Kathleen!!!

Amy shows us her newly published quilting book. It will be available in February.
Congratulations Amy!!!!!

Deonn made this fun quilt using 10 minute blocks.

Deonn made this quilt for her daughter.

Deonn made this cute quilt for another daughter.

And yet another quilt for another daughter.

What is that flying through the air???

A small version of Deonns Carpenter Star quilt.

This quilt Deonn made to duplicate a poster her daughter
designed for a quilt show.

Deonn designed this Christmas tree skirt using inspiration
from her carpenters star pattern. It is beautiful.
Way to go Deonn you have finished so much this month!!!

Suzanne made a cute wool needle case.

Kandy shows her cute patchwork quilt.

Kami shows a fun sewing kit she got as a Christmas gift.

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Rachel said...

oh my goodness!
I am so inspired AGAIN! Just seeing everyone's projects made me smile. Amber, your first quilt is beautiful!! Kandy, you already know how I feel about yours . . . .love it! I love seeing everyone's work. You ladies are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Love the quilts, but not the face. I always imagine I look better than I really do. Barb

Amy - Amy's Creative Side said...

So fun to see them all again! Love the new look you added Tricia :)

Jenny said...

Deon, you make me smile. I love seeing your week of WORK! It is a love hate relationship.

Jenny said...

BTW I made it into 6 photo's and didn't even show and tell anything. Well some part of me made it into the photo's. Barb, you are amazing and you look great next to your wild quilt!

Bowden said...

I enjoyed the first meeting and look forward to being a member of the Quilt Guild. So many ideas from the Sew and Tell. Shauna

Tamara and Marc said...

all the quilts look great. Seeing them gives me the encouragment that I need to get going again.

Anonymous said...

Sew and tell is my favorite part! It really is inspirational--even though I don't seem to get many done...

Celeni said...

I want Cathy's seam ripper! :). I love seeing everybody's work, so inspiring!
--- Celeni

Anonymous said...

I forgot what fun things everyone has done! I can't wait to go tomorow!

Anonymous said...

Guild meetings are the best part of the month, it's so fun to see everyone and what they have been up to. The blog is a perfect tool to give you a boost and keep you going until next month. KD

Anonymous said...

The sew and tell really inspires me each month! I love all the quilts. We have a great group of ladies doing beautiful work. Celini, I'm glad you like my "James Bond" seam ripper!
Cathy :o)