Monday, August 18, 2014

August Quilt Guild

Welcome to our 
Everything is Awesome Guild Meeting!

We started our night off with 
a display of the Lego sewing machine challenges.
We had one :0)
It was made (twice, due to sibling disruption) by Bethany's son.
Isn't it awesome!!!

We actually had another one, 
it just was on display at the Wasatch Library for their Lego competition...
This one was put together by my daughter, Amanda.

After our Awesome Legos,
Leah went over our quilt for the year and answered questions about the blocks.
(Amber, our president, was out of town :0( Come back Amber!!)
The Clothesline Block
31 1/2 inches by 10 1/2 inches

Some of the "flowers" that will be placed in the quilt.

A new block, 
wool appliqued sunflowers with yoyos in the center.

Leah also brought a paper copy of all the squares 
and their dimensions for us.

After Leah reviewed the quilt for us, 
Kathy went over some really helpful hints and tips for getting a quilt ready to be sent to a binder.

She also made a super handy chart for making binding for your quilt.

As a note, we have a quilt challenge to show an unfinished quilt top to Amber and then complete it by the September quilt guild.  So let's get quilting!!

Kathy's quilt top

Another quilt top. 
She couldn't decide which one she was going to finish first.

A stunning quilt Kathy finished

 Leah's quilt top

Tricia brought in a new quilt pattern she tried out.

Another awesome quilt.  Love the lettering!!

Tamara brought a set of paper dolls she made for her daughter.

A wall hanging that Tamara finished.  Ooh, pretty!

Mary, our newest member (and my sister!)
brought in a beautiful and vibrant quilt top.
Way to go!!

She also made a baby blanket out of the leftover scraps.
Can't wait to see them quilted!

Rachel finished (finally!! she said) 
some really groovy socks for her daughter.

Mother and daughter-talk about motherly love!

Barbara brought in a pillow that she said was super easy.
Whew!  Looks complicated to me!  Way to go!

 We also had some donations for the women's jail.  
If you know who donated these, let us know!  Mystery quilts!!

We also wanted to give a fond farewell to Patty and Natalia, who are both moving.
We wish you luck and will miss your smiling faces!


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, I missed some super cute projects! Looking good ladies!

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the blog Elise! Looking good! I am excited to see all of the finished quilts tomorrow night...... Amber

Tamara and Marc said...

Yeah I got mine done. I can't wait to see everyone's quilts. Welcome back Amber

Robin said...

I am excited to see everyone's projects tonight!!

Tricia said...

I love that clothesline block. So cute.

Anonymous said...

I missed last month, can't wait for my quilt guild fix tonight! Beth Wegner

Babso said...

It is always fun to see what everyone has been working on . . .