Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Welcome to our Summer Fun Picnic!!
To get us ready to go for our quilt challenge night 
and our round robin show-off, 
we started the night off with a picnic
 and home-made ice cream. 
A big thanks to those who brought food. :0)

After our tasty food, we had a class on
our next quilt block of the month given by Leah.
What an awesome job!!

We also had a class given by Amy on the age old art of tatting.
  She even gave out cute tatted butterflies!

After our classes, we got the result on our quilt challenges.

Michelle Murdock, grand prize 
(not quite sure which one that is, she wasn't there, so I wasn't able to figure it out...I think its this one.)

Beth, runner up

Tamara, 2nd place

Heatherly, 3rd

Way to go to all of our participants!!
All the quilts were amazing!!!

(someday I will get a picture of me with my stuff in here...)

A big thanks goes to Bethany for putting our challenge together,
 and to the judges for doing such a nice job.

After our quilt judging, we did our 
Sew and Tells

Amber brought in her cute quilt challenge, 
that didn't quite get finished in time...
maybe because of the little quilt member hiding behind her :0)

Barbara brought in one of many ironing boards 
she had made for the state quilt guild.

Marcia brought in some baby blankets she had finished.

Some of the other show and tells that I wasn't able to catch names on....

I think this is Tamara's monster quilt.  
Can you spot the hidden monsters??

At long last, we have some of the Round Robins completed!!
 I will get a list later of all of those who worked on each square.

For my Sew and Tell,
 I seem to give away all my stuff right before quilt guild.
So since I do the blog, 
I thought I could get away with showing my stuff via online.

My first applique on a baby blanket for my cousin's baby.

An easy peasy quilt for my other cousin's baby.

Which turned out to not be so easy peasy because 
they wanted a bumper pad set to go with it 
and would I please make one from scratch?? 
 (never made one before, so EEEK!!)

And one more baby blanket, this one for my nephew-to-be.
(any more babies that need blankets?? sheesh :0)

*Note- I am soo sorry for any names missing or miss-spelled.  So, if you see any that you know, please leave a comment below and I would be happy to fix it!!!

***Also, be sure to bring in a quilt top that has no back yet, 
as we are doing a quilt challenge with them!***


Tamara and Marc said...

Elise your quilts are so cute. Those are some lucky kids to get those. Thanks Bethany for the great design challenge and everyone's quilts. It was such a fun night.

Robin said...

I was so sad to miss the design challenge. So glad you posted the pictures so I could see everyone's creativity. What a talented group of ladies!

Rachel said...

Marcia is the sweet lady that had the baby quilts.
All the Design Challenge quilts turned out so great. And I saw so many of them at the fair. Great job ladies!

Anonymous said...

Great job! I love them all!
Cathy Brand

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Thursday's meeting and seeing all the new creations others have made. It will be fun to have Carmen there too. Carol