Thursday, February 14, 2008

2008 Round Robin is Underway!

There are a bunch of lucky ladies that get to start the Round Robin Exchange this month. Those ladies brought a finished quilt block to be in the center of their quilts and that center block was given to someone else also participating in the exchange at our February meeting. Everyone received someone else's center block to take home and add a border. They should all come back in March with a border added and ready to pass on again.

There is a fun quilting magazine out that is called Quilter's Home. In the Sept/Oct 2007 issue, it has a big article about a Round Robin the author participated in. It is a super article and has great pictures of each quilt as each border was added. There are also a few guidelines they used that are worth sharing here.
* When picking fabric to use on a border, try to keep the particular theme of the quilt going.
* Usually, but not always, it is better to start with a smaller first border and as the borders progress, the size of the border should progress in width too. This is just an aestheticaly pleasing guideline, not a hard and fast rule.
* Be sure to square up the borders as you go, try to pass on a square quilt to the next person.
* The Golden Rule, sew for others as you would have them sew for you!

Good Luck ladies! There are a bunch of past round robin pictures on the website, if you want to look at them for ideas. Go to the slideshow link.

By the way, the picture is one of Cat's Round Robin Quilts, I think this one is from 2006.


Cat said...

Thanks Rachel for the great tips. There are several resources if anyone is stuck on what border to add. I have a few books in my library (ok more then a few)that anyone is welcome to look at. Also, call me if you need any pattern drafting or printing. This is one of the best exeriences in expanding your quilting comfort zone. Good Luck everyone!

Anonymous said...
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