Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February Queen Bee

Sweet Cindy Pennington is our February Queen Bee. Wait for the newsletter to read all about her, these are just some pictures of the fun quilts she brought to show us. She did say that quilting is therapeutic for her, she is amazing.

This quilt is one that her daughter made for Cindy during their church's celebratory year. Her daughter made a block a month and then put it all together, with each block having meaning to Cindy and her church.

Cute crazy pumpkins, I think they were called 'drunk pumpkins' at our meeting! So very cute.

This quilt was made when Cindy lived in Kansas. It is a quilt that portrays the state of Kansas. This quilt has special meaning to Cindy. She lost 2 teenage children while living in Kansas.

The top corner has 5 signature blocks with her 5 children's names in each one.

The bottom corner of the quilt has the Kansas state motto: Ad Astra per Aspera which is Latin and means to the stars through difficulty.

Love this row quilt. Cindy's color selections are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing some of your treasures and talents with us Cindy!

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deonn said...

Cindy, thanks for sharing your beautiful treasures with us. This is what quilting is all about!