Thursday, February 21, 2008

Marilyn Toone

What is the best part about February? Valentines Day? The February thaw that occurs every year? Presidents Day? No, the best part about February is how short it is, that means we don't have to wait as long for our next quilt guild meeting!
Our next guild meeting, in only 2 weeks from today, is going to be a real treat. We have a guest coming. Her name is Marilyn Toone and she will be sharing her secrets of applique with us. She will be teaching a hands on class, so be looking in the newsletter for the materials you need to bring to participate.

Marilyn has been quilting for more than 40 years; she currently resides in Farmington, UT. She says there are two kinds of quilts; those that get worn out and those that become heirlooms.

She went to school at BYU, “I took sewing classes, but I didn’t like them. I took one econ class and ended up switching my major to history.” She was a history teacher for many years.

Marilyn made her first quilt after her second daughter was born. She and her mother worked on the quilt and quilting took over and became her passion.

She enjoys the stitching, which is why she quilts mostly by hand. “I do three things, I piece, I appliqué and I quilt. The quilting is my favorite.” She teaches classes at Threads of Time in Centerville, Utah and has won many awards and ribbons for her quilting in shows throughout the state.

To learn more about Marilyn, read the article published in the Deseret Morning News, January 25, 2008. This link should work:,5143,695246724,00.html

Hopefully all of you wonderful quilters are excited about the fun treat we have in store for us this next month at quilt guild meeting.
For all you friendship group and round robin exchangers, get busy! Two more weeks until we trade again!

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