Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Design Challenge for February


HVQ Design Challenge 2008

Theme: Elements—Water, Air, Fire, Earth
1. In January, you drew an element from the basket. You are using this element of nature as inspiration for your challenge quilt. Your element of nature does not change with each month’s instructions.
2. Each month—January to April—you will receive new instructions. Bring back your Elements quilt each month—February to April—to receive a participation prize.
3. June 5 will be the HVQ Elements quilt show. Your quilt must contain all the elements of quilting and be completely finished—quilted, bound, labeled—to be eligible for the viewers choice award of $25 gift certificate to Season’s of Home.

February: Element of Quilting—appliqué.
1. The block with borders that you pieced in January is to become the background on which you are going to add elements of quilting. This month, you are adding appliqué to your quilt.
2. The appliqué should enhance your quilt and build on the element of nature. It should not be appliqué just to meet the requirement. Be creative. Think about your element of nature and how appliqué will work beautifully on your quilt.
3. You may use any method of appliqué—needle turn, freezer paper, hand or machine, etc. If you need help with appliqué, please feel free to call Shantelle or any of the appliqué mentors in the guild.
4. You MUST add appliqué in order to be eligible for the March participation prize and the June viewers choice award.
5. DO NOT add borders to your quilt. DO NOT increase the perimeter of your quilt in adding appliqué.

If you have any questions about the instructions, please don’t hesitate to call Shantelle.


Rachel said...

I was in JoAnn's (don't gasp all you quilt shop purists) getting some fabric for my FIRE applique. I had these screaming orange and WILD yellows up on the counter waiting my turn to have it cut. There was a line (surprise!) of around 6 ladies behind me. The lady standing next to me asked what I was doing with such "exciting" fabric. So I proceeded to tell her ALL about our little design challenge. She said it sounded so fun and wondered what fun guild I belonged to. The lady behind her said to her friend "We don't do anything fun like that in our guild." and as I was walking away after having my fabric cut, 2 other ladies told me good luck and that they wished they could do our design challenge also.
Thanks Shantelle for such a good time. All of Utah County wished they had you!

Rachel said...
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