Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thanks Cat and Shantelle

A nice big THANK YOU to Cat and Shantelle for sharing their talents with us at guild meeting this month. Cat showed us the fine art of needle turn applique with a hands on activity so we could all catch the idea. Some of the tips she gave us were to stitch one stitch at a time and then readjust when appliqueing around curves, anchor stitch on the bottom of a v-shape to keep it in place before going up the next side, and use that windshield wiper action to get that seam allowance where it needs to be!

Jenny and Bethany were just a few of many that went up to get a good close look at Cat's expertise in action.

Shantelle taught us about quilt labels. Everything about labels. She showed many examples of her own quilt labels and the different ways she has made labels over the past few years. She taught us about different kinds of chemicals to use, photo fabrics, pigma pens, the goodness of freezer paper once again, designs, and a whole lot more. Shantelle's most important lesson of the evening was, "Don't be Anonymous, make a label!"

(this is one of KayeDawn's cute labels)

Thanks again Cat and Shantelle. We had a super guild night and had a few more join our ranks. We wish a welcome to Cathy, Toni, Mara, Wendy, and Stella. We hope you have a fabulous time with us this year!


Cat said...

I so look like a librarian with those glasses on! It was a great night. Thank you Debbie for the fun toy. It made the teaching of needle turn applique better because everyone could see what I was doing.

Jenny said...

Cat, with the librarian look you needed your hair in a bun! Thanks for the tips and for letting me peek over your shoulder!