Friday, December 26, 2008

Look at what is in store for 2009!

Ladies of the Heber Valley Quilt Guild, look how exciting! Everyone else, look how exciting! Cat, Shantelle, and Sherron have been busy for months planning and designing this wonderful row quilt depicting the Heber Valley for us to make in 2009. Natalia did an excellent job quilting it also. It is gorgeous and hopefully you are excited about what is to come in 2009 for our great little guild. Come back and visit for more information on the upcoming year, but in the meantime mark your calendars for our January 8th guild meeting.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Super cute Lullaby quilts by Connie

One more post about our wonderful year of applique. KayeDawn arranged for us to make the cute cute Lullaby quilt pattern. Connie, who moved away from us and back to Washington a few months ago, has been so busy with the fun fun Lullaby pattern!

Connie is the happy grandma of two new babies and look at the darling quilts she made for her new little pieces of joy. You did a great job Connie, so cute! These are two lucky little ones to have such a talented and nice grandma! We miss you Connie and wish you the best!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanks KayeDawn for being our guild President in 2008. You did a super job and we had a great year!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

December Sew and Tell

December's Sew and Tell was so full of finished projects! Good Job Ladies!

Sue had Deonn quilt her beautiful oriental quilt and what a sight it was to see!

A fun scrappy quilt by Linda

Stella's AMAZING paper pieced masterpiece

Christy's snail trail and cute little turtles quilt for her very soon arriving baby boy

Rachel's bargello top she learned at Quilt Fest 2008

Barbara's super fun friendship house quilt

Cathy's gorgeous wedding quilt with great pictures

Paulette's fun quilt, I think she said she made this while traveling!

Natalia's HVQG Friendship Block quilt from 2008, so cute!

KayeDawn's amazing Sun Bonnet Sue quilt made MANY MANY years ago. She said so many great greats that I lost track. How very precious.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our Christmas Social

What a super time we had at our Christmas Social! Thanks KayeDawn for the fun fun mind-juggling/scrambling game, all the prizes, arranging the GREAT food, and of course a super 2008.

Barbara, so sorry about this picture with you eating, but we needed to see your fun table and all the amazing food that ladies brought for us to feast on.

Debbie, Angie, and Margaret, getting ready for the 'How much do you REALLY know about quilting?' game. Lets see, unscramble this word - wapkthcor and where did Trapunto orginate?

Jenny and Tamara

Here are the big winners for the 'Wooden Thimble - most improved' award. Liz won the award, and Bethany and Margaret were her attendents. Good Job ladies! They each won a hand turned wooden thimble made by KayeDawn's husband, and Liz got the cutest little plaque. Thanks to everyone who voted for who they thought improved the most during 2008.

Sherron was the big winner for the "Finish a Project" drawing and also she got the most answers correct in our fun game of 'How much do you REALLY know about quilting?' She won a great little sewing kit/ensemble made by Cody Mazuran and also $$ toward quilting services.

Thanks ladies for a super evening and have a super holiday season!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

November Sew and Tell

November's guild meeting was so busy with our fun hands on bulls-eye project that Sew and Tell didn't really occur. Here are the pictures that were snapped of Margaret's sew and tell projects. So cute Margaret!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quarter Square Triangles

We had an additional treat at our November guild meeting. Lauren, Deonn's 18 year old daughter, did a great presentation for us on Quarter Square Triangles. She showed us how to make accurate quarter square triangles using the Quick Quarter Ruler. What a fun little tool! They can be found at Season's Of Home and many other quilting shops.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and smile with us Lauren! You did a super job. Good Luck at your national competition!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bulls Eye

Our November meeting was a great hands on experience with soft applique. Those that wanted to participate brought 4 fat quarters and went home with at least one bulls eye block.

Here is Heather with the amazing EASY CIRCLE CUT by Sharon Hultgren. What a handy tool to have for this project. Some ladies also used paper plate templates which worked just as well.

We were divided into groups of four people, since a square bulls eye block has 4 corners to it. We got busy with cutting our circles and sewing them together, then cutting them into quarters, swapping, and sewing them together again!

The following four pictures are the results of the evening's four groups. Look how great they turned out! Thanks Sherron for a great lesson on soft applique.

Joan's group

Natalia's group

Cat and Shantelle's group

KayeDawn's group

Friday, November 7, 2008

Kazuko's mouth watering rolls

This spread of treats is just some of what we had at our Summer Social in July. There were all kinds of glorious foods there and one in particular that I could not stay out of was Kazuko's rolls. I asked her for the recipe so you all could make them at home and eat the entire batch. Hopefully I didn't eat ALL of these rolls and left a few for you at our summer social so some of you remember how good these little morsels were. Thanks Kazuko!

Party Rolls
Mix together;
8oz Cream cheese 8oz Sour cream
8oz Cheese (shredded, any kind you like) ½ cup Chopped olives
½ cup green onion ½ cup green chills
¼ teaspoon onion powder ¼ teaspoon garlic powder
¼ teaspoon cumin
Spread over 4 large flour tortillas (room temperature).
Take each roll and wrap individually in plastic wrap and refrigerate.
Just before serving remove from refrigerator and slice into bite size pieces.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Upcoming November Meeting

This week's guild meeting will be a great hands on experience. We will be learning the soft applique method shown in the pictures below of Sherron and Wendy. Sherron will be teaching us this method and you get to go home with the start of something beautiful! You need to go shopping and bring 4 fat quarters to guild meeting to begin with. We talked about the type of fabrics we would all enjoy last month and it was decided that we would do autumn-country colors. There is a great collection mentioned that Seasons of Home carries and it is called Kansas Trouble or something like that. There are also a few other collections of fabric that have a similar look that would be great to use, also at Seasons of Home. Check the newsletter for more information, just remember to go shopping before Thursday evening! Also remember to bring your machine and the other items listed in your newsletter.

For those of you that are part of the Heber Valley Quilters board there is a meeting on Thursday at 6:15. For those of you who are not part of the board but are willing to help and serve on the board, please come to the meeting. You and your skills and talents will be welcomed. Many hands make light work!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cody Mazuran's Visit

What a great treat it was to have Cody Mazuran come and teach her A FINE FINISH 2 course to us. Thanks to KayeDawn for arranging her visit and for such a fun fun day. It was such a nice day, we sewed, we chatted, and we ate wonderful soups, salads, and desserts.

We learned how to prepare and cut bias strips for binding and we were busy all day learning and sewing.

Thanks so much to Deonn for arranging such a delicious and BEAUTIFUL lunch for us, and thank you to everyone that contributed to the wonderful foods table.

Next are a few projects we worked on and learned, all in various stages of completion. We were able to complete these little samples to take home with us as examples of the various methods we learned. Cody taught us many great techniques to finish a quilt with, including Cottage Quilt Binding, which is shown above with Kazuko and below with Suzanne. This kind of binding has 2 piped edges with a pretty bias strip between them. It gives such a charming and very finished look to a quilt.

Cody taught us how to make the pretty little loops for Lacy Loops and also how to make Yo Yos. She also had a great trunk show for us with examples of her A FINE FINISH techniques!

Cody's trunk show included many of her quilts that she has written patterns for and has them for sale. Seeing some of the techniques she taught us and talked about was a little treat for us. Seeing her FINE FINISH in action was inspiring!

Cody's business name is BUTTERCUP QUILTS and you can find her website at Check her website for patterns and also for her great reference book, A Fine Finish.

This quilt shows how yo yos can be worked into a sculpted edge binding - WOW!

This quilt shows the simple piped edge we learned in class and also made a sample of to take home with us.

This example is for a piped and sculpted French bias binding. We didn't get to this one during class, but we learned the piping technique and also the French bias technique. What a super day we had together, thanks ladies!