Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dear Jane

At the Utah Quiltfest quilt show this year, there was a Dear Jane Quilt category. They were so beautiful and stunning, and displayed all together! So much work and time goes into these quilts. Thanks for sharing these wonders with everyone!

For information regarding Dear Jane quilts visit these sites:

Friday, October 16, 2009

October's Friendship Block Exchange

If you are participating in the Friendship Block Exchange you need to complete Natalia's and Tamara's blocks. Here is Tamara's cute friendship star. Natalia's blocks are all different, HAPPY, 6 1/2 inch blocks.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Quiltfest 2009 Quilt Show

There were 74 quilts in the quilt show this year at Quiltfest. Here are a handful of them.
Snowflake by Margaret Gray - Traditional Pieced

Pieces and More Pieces by Donna Moyer - Traditional Pieced

A Carpenter' Star for Evan by Deonn, Chelsea, Nicole, and Lauren Stott - Group

Obama Hope Quilt by Corinna Weir - Non-traditional

Traveler's Oasis by Jody Jorgensen - Traditional Pieced

Aurora a la Jinny by Marsha Chappell - Traditional Pieced

Tuscan Sun by Clair Mitchell and Jacquelyn Thompson - Group

Scraps of Shannon's Quilt by Kathy Souba - Hand Applique

Birds and Roses by Pat Peters - Hand Applique

Make Believe World by Ann Seely - Non-traditional

Tropical Glow by Joyce Stewart - Machine Applique

Vintage Valentine by Claire Mitchell - Hand Applique

Recreating Memories by Marilyn Toone - Hand Applique

Flowers and Vines by Ella Simons - Hand Applique

Alabama Dream by Juanita Smith - Non-traditional

Love at Home by Marie Eldredge - Mixed Technique

Northeastern Wind by Rachel Crane - Traditional Pieced

Christmas Pickle by Jacquelyn Thompson - Traditional Pieced

Blockheads Round Robin by Barbara Odland and friends - Group

Rip it... Tear it... Shred it... The cat by Ruth Gordy - Mixed Technique

Spirits Having a Human Experience by Denise Austin - Special Effects