Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Round Robin Exchange group #3

Just a few pictures to get you all excited about the 2008 Round Robin Exchange!
These are the tops that group #3 did in 2007.
This top is Debbie's. She did the center, Rachel did the first border by putting it on point and adding a thin red border, Cat did the second border of overlapping squares and the second thin red border, and Michele did the outer border of cream framed squares. Debbie provided her fabric. She had purchased a bunch of fat quarters from the Yours Truly collection by Eleanor Burns a few years ago and included them for us to use.

This is Rachel's top called Grandma's Apple Tree. Cat did the first border of pieced green apples, the second border of green squares, appliqued red apples, and cute tiny brown strip border was done by Michele. Debbie did the outside picket fence border. (I love this by the way, thanks ladies!)

This is Cat's quilt top. The center square of 4 bear paws was made by Cat, the first border of red, putting it on point, and pieced red squares was done by Michele. Debbie did the second border of flying geese, and the outside border was done by Rachel.

This top is Michele Murdock's. She paper pieced this pretty medallion and Debbie did the first border of purple strips and 1/2 corner stones. Rachel did the diamond border and thin light purple border, and Cat finished it off with all the triangles.

The Round Robin Exchange is a super time and a great way to learn new techniques and stretch yourself. Sign up on January 3rd for the 2008 swap. I would love to post pictures of the other groups' tops, so please email me a picture of yours so I can do another post of Round Robins. We all love to see them and be inspired!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Monday, December 17, 2007

Lets Hear it for Applique!

Our January Meeting is coming up on the 3rd of the month and here is a little more information for you. 7:00 pm will begin our 2008 Kick Off. You need to bring $25.00 for your annual dues, at least one unfinished quilt or wall hanging top (this is for a very top secret new incentive that we all are going to love to participate in!), your sew and tell items and for those of you who gave it all away for Christmas, bring pictures, and also bring anyone seeking a good time while learning new skills.

KayeDawn and her board have been busy making arrangements for this next year focusing on applique. There is a super calendar lined out for this next year. I will be emailing it to everyone. If I somehow miss you or don't have your email address, let me know at the January Meeting and I will add you to the list. Now, without further adeiu, here is a message from our 2008 president:

I am excited for our new year as Heber Valley Quilters. This year I have decided to focus on Appliqué. During the past year as VP I watched and listened as many of our guild members commented on some of our guests and many of the sew-n-tell items displayed at the monthly meetings; many comments were about the appliqué that was shown. Some doubted that they could ever do it and others were awe struck. I too remembered that I felt overwhelmed by the process of creating such beautiful projects.

My goal this year is to provide our members with teachers that have the skills I so admired in the beautifully appliquéd quilts. My hope is that we will be inspired to learn new things or maybe a different method adding to the skills we have.

We have some very talented quilters in our guild that will show us their methods and some award winning teachers from outside our guild that will present demonstrations and workshops for our members.

I am looking forward to sharing our talents, techniques and tips as quilters. It is so awesome that in our guild everyone is so willing to share what they know and learn from one another. I have some new incentives and awards for the New Year that I will explain at our meeting in January. I hope that my excitement and your enthusiasm will carry over to each member this year and we will be able to create some amazing works of art and award winning quilts.

Thank you for this opportunity,

KayeDawn Epps

Hope to see everyone there!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

January 3rd Kick Off, more info to come!

Please get ready for our January Quilt Guild Kick Off on January 3rd. It is going to be a super night. You will have the opportunity to sign up for one of our Round Robin Exchange Groups, Friendship Block Exchange Groups, hear about the new ideas for 2008 concerning Charity Quilts, get excited about our new applique theme for next year, get state guild news, and visit with your favorite quilt guild friends.

Please remember to bring your $25 annual dues with you to pay our new treasurer, Tricia Mathis. You are welcome to bring friends with you to our guild meetings. In the past visitors and guests have been able to come one time without paying, after that they either need to join and pay the annual dues, or pay $2 per meeting that they attend. We will see what our board has in mind for guests this year. We have a super group of ladies at guild, and maybe we can add a few more.

Just for your information, the picture above was made by Cheri Edmonds and is called Eureka. It won 2nd place in the Novelty category at the Home Machine Quilting Show in Salt Lake in May 2007. You can view the other winners at and click on the View the 2007 Quilt Award Winners link.

Once again, May your bobbin always be full!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sewing Space Showcase and Christmas Party, Nov 29th 2007

Okay ladies, here goes our new blog for the Heber Valley Quilters! Today's post features pictures of our wonderful Christmas Party and Sewing Space Showcase. But first of all, a huge thank you to Deonn, Cindy, Linda, and Kim for letting us all in your homes and showing us the place we all love best, sewing spaces. Also, a nice big thank you to everyone who prepared food and beverages for us all to enjoy. It was a super time. I (being Rachel) feel so horrible that I didn't get more camera happy at the beginning of our evening. I only have one picture at Deonn's house and I left my camera downstairs for the Material Girl extravaganza!! I wish so badly I would have gotten a few pictures of us all swaying to the music, singing with Madonna, listening to Brenda and Deonn, and most of all, swishing our fabric!

I did capture a few pictures of Cindy's house and her beautiful custom sewing room. Thanks Wendy, Crusan, and Deonn for indulging me with your smiles! I hope you all get used to smiling while I am around.

Tricia, thanks to you too! And Cindy, your Christmas decorations were exquisite. Thanks for letting us into your home and showing us your treasures.

Linda's house was our 3rd visit and it was great to sit down by the fire and enjoy each other's company. Brenda received some of her 'Red and Butter' blocks at Linda's house. They were given to her as a THANK YOU for being our guild president in 2007. Thanks for a really fun year Brenda. All your hard work is appreciated.

I took pictures of some of Linda's nifty ideas in her sewing space. She is a Lowe's Home Improvement Store fan and she uses many of their products in ways they never imagined. Thanks for the good ideas Linda.

Kim thrilled us by letting us see her sewing room/studio. She also showed us some of her great little gadgets she uses for her fabric business. Kim owns and runs, her very own online store. She also let us see her business fabric room. How very exciting. She has the funnest cat and dog prints, although she says alot of her business right now is collegiate print fabric.

Kim had many quilts hanging up for us to look at and dream about. They were all beautiful and we got to hear some of their stories.

Well, ladies, here we all are. Wasn't it a great night? I think we should do this every year. Thanks to those amazing ladies that coordinated this night for us to enjoy. It was such great time together.

Kim Shannon was our Queen Bee this month. She shared some of her stories about her first quilts, running a fabric store in Kansas, and how much she loves fabric. Thanks for sharing Kim and for inspiring us all. Until next post, may your bobbin always be full.