Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Quilt Guild-The Little Things

This month we are working on the little things on our quilts of the month, starting with a clothesline and a sheep square.  

To help us get thinking, Amber had a few little things displayed.

A doll house


A cradle, blankets, pillows, etc.

After that, we had a wonderful demonstration done by Nita 
on the pot holder effect, 
or how to do an invisible seam.
Thanks Nita!!!

We also had a wonderful 
Sew and Tell

Kaye Dawn brought in a lovely cowgirl quilt she had made for a charity quilt.

The stitching was done with cowboy hats and boots.

She also made a matching pillowcase.

Beth was so excited she had finally finished her applique sewing machine. 
What a great job!

We also had a beautiful quilt brought in by Barbara Odland (thanks for the help getting the name right!!)
Love the symmetry!

Barbara helped us with getting ready for spring by making a rooster table runner and wall hangings.
Sooo cute!!

Margaret completed a very cute beehive for our block of the month, with the bees being a sweet success.

Carol made a darling moose quilt for their friend, "Moose" who was having surgery.
We hope it it helps him feel moose better!

Vickie brought in her mother's quilt that has Hawaiin applique style on it.
It was hand-stitched and Vickie is soo excited to have it!

Liz was quite busy this last month (way to go!!) and brought in lots to share.
She made a spring time quilt...

...and a baby quilt...

...a door hanging for the front door...

...and a bullseye quilt. 
What a bunch of cute quilts!!!

Tamara did the stitching to match the front, 
so the quilt can be reversible.
What a neat idea :0)

Cathy was also suuuuper busy this month, with a wedding for her daughter and some quilting on the side...or was it the wedding on the side and a lot of quilting??

She brought in the quilt she made for her grand-daughter,
that she actually got to labeling.
Great job getting that label on!!

She also finished a chevron quilt,
 for her daughter's wedding I believe...

Coleen had an awesome kid's quilt she made for charity.  
Way to go Coleen!!!

Tamara got super creative with her camping quilt she made, 
with the sides and border matching the camping theme.

Our favorite part though was the long-arm stitching she did.
She put some fish, a compass, owls, and fire on her quilt to match her camping theme. 
What a neat idea!!

Tami made a matching baby blanket and towel set for her niece.
Love the colors!!
(thanks again for help on the name :0)

Leah made an awesome quilt for her grandson.

She made a pin book and a few pincushions.

Leah also had made a very cute quiet book.
Way to go Leah!

After our Sew and Tells,
we got to sit around and sew some of our quilt blocks of the month and chat with friends.

We had lots of fun, so make sure to come join us for our retreat!!!