Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 2015

Blog drawing:

Answer the following question and email it to bwegner@itinutah.com.  The question will only be posted on the blog, so look at the blog, then email the answer to the question to me.  Hopefully those that haven't been able to write on the blog will be able to take part in our drawing still.

The question is:

What is your favorite Seasons?  Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and why?

This month I will draw for both April and Mays questions, because I was not at guild last month.

Shirley's Christmas Quilt is done!  Beautiful.

Awesome 4th of July Quilt, not sure who made it.

Pretty Pastels by Barbara.

Margaret's 2015 Row Quilt is coming along nicely.

Beautiful Quilt!  My guess by the hair is Debbie Procter?

Amy Ellis with another gorgeous quilt.

Liz has a cute bird house and flower quilt.

Carol bought this Hawaiian Applique quilt for a steal of $6 at the Thrift Store.

Amy Defa with lots of cool organizing ideas.