Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Time to "put your foot down...And attempt the Impossible"!!!

This month at Quilt Guild we got to set goals for the next year 
and to vote in our new president for the next year.
Thank you Sally for being willing to be our president.  
We are soo excited to see what you come up with!!

We also have our final mini quilt guild retreat coming up, so don't forget!!

*10 am-Quiltsmart demo
*a Hand-quilting demo will also be given, I think after lunch

To get us geared up for the upcoming year,
we had two guest speakers come.

The first person went by the name of "Skinner" 
and told of his many adventures in achieving his goals.

One of his many wise sayings was, 
"If you can sew and cook, you can pretty much go anywhere."

The quilt below has a fun story with it.  
The gray material is from his aunt's dress that was hanging on the laundry line 
and the cow decided to eat part of it, so the dress became only useful for scrap fabric.
  So watch out for cows near your laundry line!!

Our other speaker was Amy.
AND this quilt is pretty special!!!
AMY designed the fabric, the pattern, and quilted it!
Way to go Amy!!!

More Amy Originals :0)

(sorry for the blurry pictures!)

And my favorite, 
Amy with a big smile.

 For our Sew and Tell, 
we had some examples from last month's tutorial.  
Amazing work!

Leah brought in her Olympic ring square she made for our block of the month challenge.
(again, sorry for the blurry guys get soo excited, its hard to photo you!)

Colleen had a beautiful quilt she brought in.

She also finished her house for the block of the month.

And, for those of you who were wondering
 where she got the cute pattern for the truck quilt she did a while back, 
here is the book for it!

We also had a special guest of Amber's come in 
to show us her amazing English paper piecing quilt she is working on.
Talk about a lot of work!  So beautiful!!

Marsha also brought in a stunning quilt 
of the Farmer's Daughter quilt.
Way to go Marsha!!!

Next we had the ingenious 9x13 made-from-scratch bag.
And the pictures I am afraid don't do it justice!

Shirley got creative this month 
and made I-spy bags for all of her grandchildren.
What a neat idea!

Beth brought in a block-a-month project that she started 
and boy is it amazing!!
(you should ask her for a close-up, 
ts absolutely stunning!!!  Unlike my photo skills...)

Sally, our brave soon-to-be guild president,
brought in her "Finished at Last!" quilt

And, last but not least, Amy brought in her finished baby blanket.
Love the pocket!!

*And for a funny*
 We weren't able to figure out a name last week 
because the lovely lady was holding her project up over her face.

So, that lovely lady helped us out by showing up to quilt guild like this:

Thanks for the humor and help, Glenna!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

President blocks- No peaking Amber!!!

Hey Ladies,
Here are the pictures of the finished quilt squares that we got
at quilt guild to make for Amber's president's quilt.
If you have any questions, contact Celeni or Tamara.
Or, if you don't have their info, leave a comment
and I will try and get back to you with the answer!!