Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Good Day is a Day spent Quilting, Laughing and Sharing with Friends!

Blog drawing:

Answer the following question and email it to  The question will only be posted on the blog, so look at the blog, then email the answer to the question to me.  Hopefully those that haven't been able to write on the blog will be able to take part in our drawing still.

The question is:

Where were you born, and list all the states and countries you have been to?

Amy Ellis taught us about color and hues, and how she picks fabrics to go together.

(Sorry for the blurry pictures, I forgot my good camera)

Some of Amy's designs.

 Love the triangles!

Amy's new book "Think Big" gives the dimensions for 5 Quilt sizes for each pattern.  This pattern is Block Building.

These quilts are all featured in her new book. This pattern is Equalizer.

This pattern is Mod Pod.

This pattern is Filmstrip.

This pattern is Moving Mosaic.

This pattern is Connections.

Sew & Tell

Barbara has been making doll blankets with matching pillows, so cute!

Another couple of Barbara's doll quilts.

Colleen is making the Saturday Sampler Christmas Quilt from 
American Quilting.

Tamara made this cute Hedgehog Pillow.

Rachel finished a quilt top that she started a few years ago.

Shirley is making a Christmas quilt.

Elise is making and designing her own Crazy Quilt!

Beth W. finished her Smart Quilt Design quilt top.

Kandy finished her American Quilt Saturday Sampler from last year.

Beth E. made a cute little fox quilt.

Beth E. also finished this quilt top Sweet Pea and Blossoms (?), Seasons of Home is starting a class on this quilt, it has lots of different blocks to work on one at a time.