Friday, March 28, 2014

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Our April Quilt Guild Announcement

Our Annual Retreat is coming up!  Don't miss out, sign up now!!!

March Guild-Quilts and Kilts

 Our March quilt guild was a St. Patrick Day Party!
We had food and more food...

..a pajama party and some cute St. Patrick Day accessories... 

...and alot of fun sewing!

We also got to talk about some fun projects we can work on...

 These are some of the projects we can do as part of our retreat in May.

As part of our Saint Patrick Day party, we got to have some special visitors come by.
Our first visitor gave us a wonderful serenade 
from some very old bag pipes.

We were given a very nice history lesson on bag pipes,
especially for these pipes, which were found shoved in a closet in Nauvoo!!

We also got to see how bag pipes work, which was a wonderful demonstration.

Our other visitors were from the Dream on Foundation,
which was the charity we made quilts for last month.

As a guild with the 4H group, we were able to put together 47 quilts to donate. 
Way to go ladies and 4H group!!

We even had a Princess there to try out our blankets
(or were they mattresses with a pea underneath??)

After our guests left, we had the wonderful opportunity to have 
a Bargello quilt class taught by Shantelle Cox

As part of the class, Shantelle gave us the history of the Bargello.

She also taught the difference between half step and whole step Bargello.

These are two quilts made from the same pattern, showing half step Bargello.

This is a table runner that Shantelle designed the pattern for.

Shantelle also showed a neat trick for keeping the strips needed for the quilt together by using clothespins and writing the size of strip on each clothespin.

Shantelle also talked about how to make a heart shaped Bargello.

For more information, check out her handout below.

We then got to hear from Amber about some of the fun Saint Patrick Day and Springtime decor ideas she had brought for her sew and tell.

Beth then did our Queen Bee spotlights.
She had made a cute hot pad and brought a cup for our Queen Bees.  
Thanks Beth!!

  Cami brought a cute poncho that she had gotten some lovely applique on. 

Cami and Debbie brought a quilt challenge quilt they had finished.

Debbie brought an English piecing(?) quilt she had been working on with Cami.
Cami also had some pieces of a quilt too, 
but the pictures weren't soo good...

 Carol had a fun bag she had put together.

Kit's quilt of umbrellas was a huge success...

especially with the cats and dogs on the back :0)

Tricia brought in a very happy birthday quilt.
So cute!

Patty had an oh so cute house block.
Way to go Patty!

Beth had a fun quilt she had made for some friends who were retiring onto a ship,
so she put "Happy Sailing" on it for them.
Such a cute idea!

Colleen brought in an amazing scrappy jean quilt.
Talk about detail.  Colleen said this is her favorite kind of quilt to make.

Leah's Letters:
Leah made some letters for her grand-daughter, Amelia, and we all had a good laugh as she "borrowed" some extra hands to show off her work :0)

Leah also brought in the quilt block of the month, a cute beehive.

For anyone who didn't get the pattern, here you go:

We also got a fun quilt square to do:

Shirlee made a quilt with all of her 42 cousins on it.  Whew!  I don't think I can name all my cousins, let alone get it all on a quilt.  
Way to go Shirlee!!

Shirlee also had brought in a rag doll she had made for her Grandson.

Amy had a finished quilt she brought in 
and a Bargello-style quilt. 
They were both amazing. Such creativity!!

Barb brought in her finished pillows to go with the quilt she just finished.

Tamara had a quilt she made for one of her children's teacher.
They wanted to base it around the teacher's favorite group, Kiss, so it had some fun and funky things on it.  What a fun project!

Tamara had also finished a quilt for someone who liked Japanese fabric and writing.
Talk about tricky letters!

This is her pieced flag runner she finished.

This is the quilt block of the month at Seasons of Home that she made.

One of our favorites was Tamara's Downtown Abby style quilt.

Our last sew and tell was from Cat, who had finished her
 "I am a star!" quilt.
What a warm and comfy quilt. Nice job Cat!

As part of our sew and tell, 
we got to show off our Round Robin Quilts we have been working on.
Here are some of the ones brought in.
We can't wait to see them all finished!  Keep up the good work!

As a reminder, Barb from the Utah Quilt Guild Association, would love to see us join up to the state quilt guild.  They are even doing a free drawing for joining this year, so go see Barb and join up!!

 Area Newsletter

 There is also a scholarship being offered for the State Guild.

Some of the State events coming up...