Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July 2015

Blog drawing:

Answer the following question and email it to bwegner@itinutah.com.  The question will only be posted on the blog, so look at the blog, then email the answer to the question to me.  Hopefully those that haven't been able to write on the blog will be able to take part in our drawing still.

The question is:  Where did you vacation this summer?  Did it have to do with quilting?

 Tamara's Beautiful Quilt for her daughter.

 Beth Emmette's cute quilt.

 Beth E. made a cute sun dress for her daughter.

 Beth E. made herself a skirt.

 Carol Hunt cute table topper.

 I don't remember whose quilt this was, maybe Carol's?  I love it though.

Elise made a cute owl baby quilt.

 Elise's cute flowers!

 Elise made this quilt copying a card.

 Liz made this in a Kim Deihl class.

 Tamara made this luggage bag!  I love it.

 Tamara made this quilt for a Graduating Senior.