Saturday, January 5, 2008

January Sew and Tell

Here are a few of the 'sew and tell' items that were shared this month.

Snowman by Natalia
Elk by Barbara
Big Trucks by Kazuko
Take this or I will throw it away baskets by Ashley
Close up of Turn and Burn Cowgirls by Nita
Great Grandma's Basket Treasure by Jenny


Jenny said...

Natalia, you are so talented. How fun for you to be able to do such amazing things at such a young age. Thank your mom for that one, and do that for sweet Chesney as she grows up.(sorry if I spelled her name wrong)

Rachel said...

Kazuko, I saw your quilt in the latest Fons and Porter magazine last night. So cute! You are so fast!

Unknown said...

I love all the fun quilts and ideas. I hope I can be half as good at this as all of you. If Rachel and Debbie get sick of all my questions I hope i can really turn to all of you. Thanks for helping me feel so welcome!