Friday, February 6, 2009

February's Tip of the Month

Suzanne shared the tip and trick of the month with us at our February guild meeting. She had quite a few great ideas. One of her tips is to reduce your magazine storage space (she had boxes and boxes of quilting magazines) by tearing out the articles, patterns, etc that you are interested in and but them into binders. She categorizes her binders with the type of projects inside each one. This one here is an entire binder on CRAZY QUILTS. She said she has really reduced the space her magazines take up now with using binders and page protectors and just keeping the projects she is interested in.

She also told us that she LOVES Metler brand thread. It is a cotton thread that is silk wrapped and she has found it is really nice to work with when appliqueing. Thanks Suzanne for sharing some great ideas with us!

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