Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fall is here!

Blog drawing:

Answer the following question and email it to  The question will only be posted on the blog, so look at the blog, then email the answer to the question to me.  Hopefully those that haven't been able to write on the blog will be able to take part in our drawing still.

What is your favorite season of the year and why?

September, guest speaker.

 KayDawn finished a quilt that she started 10 years ago!  Awesome job!

Sheila helped a daughter finish her quilt project. 

 This new member (sorry I don't know her name) learned to use a hexagon ruler and in 4 months she has created this beautiful Grandmothers flower garden quilt!  Unheard of!!!!

 Tricia created this new bag for her column in the magazine she writes for.

 Amy Ellis has been busy making quilts with her new line of fabric.

August Meeting was a Sewing Night.

 Beth is making one of Amy Ellis's originals using Amy's Fabric line.

Barbara Murdock make a couple of really nice quilts and gave one to her granddaughter for college.

Barbara also finished a quilt from the Saturday Sampler at American Quilting.  Gorgeous machine quilting done by Cindy Williams. 

Michelle made Deonne Stott's Lamb quilt in miniature size.  It turned out so cute. 

Malinda did a quilt as you go quilt, so cute! 

Amber is crocheting an extra large afghan. 

Amy made a pincushion/thread bin.  In her favorite black and white!

Beth W.  made the Beattle Bag to hold her hand sewing. 

Rachel made a fun Star quilt for her family reunion. 

Amy Ellis is working on a new pattern and book. 

Tamara quilted this Blue and white quilt for a customer.


Suzan @ TESOL degrees said...

Thank you for sharing. Love all them. Let do the red and green backgrounds with white snowflakes for upcoming Christmas.

My homepage | tESOL DEgree

Suzan @ TESOL degrees said...

Thank you for sharing. Love all them. Let do the red and green backgrounds with white snowflakes for upcoming Christmas.

My homepage | tESOL DEgree

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